Yoga for Weight Loss & Fat Burning, Beginners Workout For Flat Stomach & Abs, Cindie Corbin

Yoga for Weight Loss & Fat Burning, Beginners Workout For Flat Stomach & Abs, Cindie Corbin
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Cindie Corbin is Certified Yoga Teacher and teaches Yoga in Austin, Tx.

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  1. Cindie, this was a great routine. As you said, you will sweat, but it was good and I'll definitely be doing it again! Thank you:)

  2. Heya, The best results that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  3. Great Yoga Quickie for Toning Muscles and getting ready for the day! Thank you, Cindie! Namaste.

  4. I love yoga but I sometimes I chest pains & this is really straining my chest so I won't be doing this particular exercise anymore 🙁

  5. Unfortunately my yoga teacher is in another city, and I keep watching youtube yoga videos to do yoga myself, but none explained as good as this 🙂 Thank you. I felt the energy in my core afterwards. Haha, I shared your vid to my yoga friend too. Good job 🙂

  6. there's just something about your vibe that is so inviting and encouraging! thanks for the awesome video, namaste!:)