Yoga for Weight Loss, 20 Minute Workout Routine for Beginners with Lindsey Samper

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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Yoga for Weight Loss, 20 Minute Workout Routine for Beginners with Lindsey Samper

Lindsey shares a yoga flow to support weight loss, thyroid health and build strength in the full body. Lindsey Samper teaches Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

Lindsey is a yoga instructor & personal trainer in Austin, Texas:

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Awesome workout Lindsey…all your yoga workouts are too good to do along. Thank you soooo much. I just loved all your workout videos 👍👍

  2. I adore this workout, thank you! I am new to yoga, but not to working out. This short workout hits me just about everywhere I know I need it! Thank you again!

  3. WONDERFUL morning workout! Thank you Lindsey! Your instructions are clear and easy to follow which is great for people like me who are watching you on an eye pad rather than a large TV as it is easy to lose sight, occasionally, of your screen. Your voice is lovely.

  4. How often would you suggest I pair this video with a once a week 60 minute hatha yoga at my gym to build endurance and see some results? I am new to yoga and when I try to start three 60 minute classes a week from nothing, I get discouraged & lazy but I loved this video!

  5. I do this workout everyday now, I think it's awesome! It really is strengthening all of my body ! Thank you for this video Lindsey 💕

  6. Never tried yoga until now. I loved it.. Felt peaceful and yet sweating. 20 minutes flew by. Thank you.  Love , Maria

  7. I used to be a big yogi and a dancer but have recently gained weight and back problems. This video helped so much to get back into the rhythm of things like breathing and stretching. Thank you! I'll be doing this daily! 😀

  8. I love this workout! So relaxing, yet i feel my whole body move on the inside. 20 minutes just fly by! Thank you Lindsey!

  9. Amazing yoga video! I loved how it included a variety of different exercises and poses like the squats, the lunges, and the mini push-ups. I liked how it was challenging, even though it's beginner friendly. To be honest, this is like the only yoga video that relaxed me. I was holding on to tension all day and now I just let it go. I actually did this without really holding my breath, which is a great step because I tend to hold my breath a lot while doing yoga. So yeah, wonderful and relaxing yoga practice !

  10. Thanks so much im more a beginner than I wish to admit, but actually this is perfect for me and my motto of one step at a time. Thanking you for helping with my healing journey. loads of LOVE.