Yoga for Weight loss |10 Minute Yoga for Abs #akkermanyoga

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Hi, girls and guys! My name is Nas Akkerman and this is my home yoga workout to lose weight! Easy yoga for abs which everybody can follow!🤗 Take a nice and comfortable position, grab the blanket or yoga mat and enjoy 10 minute Yoga for Weight loss with me! ♥

You can easily find all my videos with yoga by typing #akkermanyoga or if you want to know something about travel from me just type “Travel with Nas” or #akkermanexplore

I will be happy to take to some of my journeys and show you all! Also please, if you hear not correct sentences – you are most welcome be a my teacher. Let me know how to say that in the correct way. I will “listen” it with a big pleasure.

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You can find any of my videos by using hashtag #akkermanstyle
Thanks for watching this video and thanks for your time.

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  1. Do you have any questions about this sequence?😏 Is #akkermanyoga easy for you? I hope you can keep up with me😉 but you don’t have to💜 Just do you best in this weight loss workout by using yoga for abs🙏🏻

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