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As the decade comes to near end and we ready ourselves to embark anew…

I invite you to join me for a brand-new 30 Day Yoga Journey:

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Gain awareness and sensibility as you build strength and stability for the knees. This session is perfect for those seeking to deepen their asana and cultivate a sustainable and long lasting healthy practice. This 30 min Yoga With Adriene practice targets full body without putting any pressure on the knees. Yoga For Sensitive Knees is great for those in healing or therapy, however, always be mindful and consult your doctor or therapist before returning to physical activity after injury.

Let me know how it goes down below!


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  1. I had a bad knee injury around 7 years back which left me bed ridden for a few months. It was a hard journey back to fitness. I found adriene 4 years back and since then I’ve been a avid follower. I’m so glad I found this knee practice again when my knee injury flared up a couple of weeks back! Love you adriene ❤️

  2. I've needed this one flow on occasions. My right knee below my 'loose' right hip joint can give me trouble. This time, after yesterday's square pose, but as well I just figured out my new mat is too slippy and has caused some knee strain as I attempt to pull my warrior poses back in. This though was perfectly helpful, strengthening and awesome! 🧡

  3. I liked the knee-sensitive yoga and the instructors personality but found it hard to concentrate with all the talking. It is too much. You get into a pose and then she will stop midway to over-explain something and you lose your way a bit.

  4. I had knee surgery half a year ago and I still can't put weight on it, thank you so much, I missed doing yoga for my fibromyalgia. This is great!

  5. This video has been a real gift for me with a minor knee injury and helps with anxiety all in one. Thank you for this amazing yoga session.

  6. Hello Adriene! I started some yoga practice a couple of days ago after too much of a break. I had severe sciatica pain from disk tear in my L1 vertebrae. After my PT I felt so much better and stopped my yoga practice (big mistake!). Anyway, it killed my knees (I have osteoarthritis) when I started back up 2 days ago, and was desperate, so googled "supporting my knees through yoga" and found your video – yay! Not only do I find this video very helpful for me, but you are a joy to watch! I'm SUCH a beginner so your intentional explanations help me a great deal. I plan to watch more! Thank you!!

  7. This is my favorite. I always turn to it when I feel like I am starting to lose my form or if I have taken some time off. It is a great guide to great form. Thank you so much for your gentle guidance.

  8. i've had a swollen right knee my whole life and i still do, i've been so busy recently i haven't been taking care of my body, im going to try doing this everyday to help my knee

  9. My butt is relaxed here in HOTlanta, in my backyard with Bella, Benji's new girlfriend. Did you say "lube?" Gurllllllllllllll………….

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