Yoga for Detox & Weight Loss with Julia | Beginners Yoga Class for Belly Fat, Digestion, 25 Mins

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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Yoga for Detox & Weight Loss with Julia | Beginners Yoga Class for Belly Fat, Digestion, 25 Mins

Julia leads a yoga routine to support detox, digestion and weight loss. Great for beginners and all levels to strengthen the core, burn belly fat and promote a healthy digestive tract.

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Saludos cordiales para una muñequita que tiene un kuerpesito bien ermoso mmmmmmmmm mamasita

  2. Professional, well-developed sequence and video. Soothing tone, good pace, strengthening! This is just what I needed today to get my blood flowing. Thank you!

  3. I followed your video in the morning. It was really easy to follow even the more advance poses. Thank you. I definitely subbed to your channeling.

  4. You really know how to teach the audience. Instructions are easy to follow, well combined and agitate every inch of your body. It feels amazing after the session. Truly comes from your passion and soul. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for posting that video.. it was so helpful and useful and you are an excellent instructor..keep up the nice work and please post more videos.

  6. I have spent months studying yoga to lose weight and discovered a fantastic website at Betwans Yoga Blog (check it out on google)

  7. Excellent release after working fulltime and doing intense workouts throughout the week. The twists really opened up the tense spots. Just what I needed, thank you!

  8. Unfortunately I didn't like this session as much I thought I would, I found the volume of her voice and the music was unbalanced, so I found it hard to hear her instructions and follow along without looking up at the screen 😕

  9. Can't wait to put this to use. Love her aura and these videos are so relaxing it's amazing… more Julia please!!!

  10. You guys should keep a separate narrator. Yoga poses were really good but as the voice of the instructor reduces as she is herself performing yoga, it becomes difficult to following along.