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Tarun Gill is India’s most powerful fitness influencer with a strong and effective social media presence. His honesty and uncanny knack of speaking his mind has got him over 400,000 YouTube subscribers in just nine months. Tarun is the classic Indian example of how one can make a successful career simply by being honest and transparent on social media.

He is a Founder of India’s biggest fitness TV reality show, Fitness League of India, handpicking talented, fit Indians across the country and promoting them both digitally and on television.

He is also a creator of successful YouTube fitness channel, co-owner of a food supplement company, founder of TG Connect, an event based platform to recognize underprivileged and needy athletes

Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Finallyyy someone genuine explaining about whey protein for women thank you thank you so much sir thank you it was much needed

  2. Hi,
    Plz suggest good whey protein shake to me. M age 30 and m over weight M trying to loose weight and wnt to work on my body with good food to help me to loose weight also to make my body strong and healthy as m going through lot of weakness.

  3. Hi Tarun.this video is very informative…thanks for sharing..I have thyroid and so m on medication, hope whey protein is safe for me?

  4. So after having whey protein after workout than we don't have to eat anything like dinner and can for how much time we can't

  5. Hi Tarun I had recently joined gym as I weight 88 kg, please tell me what kind of protein I should take and when to take before, after or during also I am finding difficulties with weight training for which I think I needed protein plus I am suffering from PCOD so please advise accordingly. thank you!

  6. Tarun Gill, totally love your channel. Please can you provide some more informative videos on women's fitness that'd really encourage and help the women of India. Hopefully looking forward for more such videos as there aren't any great fitness gurus or channel for women in india like you! Keep it up

  7. There isn't a hologram at my 8lb ON double rich chocolate bag, got it from UAE There is just a barcode, can somebody tell me it's fake or original?

  8. So when exactly should i drink protein shake!? Some tell me 30 minutes before workout and some tell me one hour agter working i am confused as i have never tried protein shakes before. Plus would jogging be enough as a daily active routine or i need to lift!?

  9. Hi Tarun, as a vegetarian house women, not into any kind of exercise, but as being vegetarian can we take whey protein one scoop in breakfast to cover daily protein requirement.

  10. Simply from partaking in this diet plan my results have been spectacular. I like to recommend this diet “sowo hope site” (Google it) to anyone to try it. The results apparently come so fast. I additionally know another person who dropped 12 pounds.

  11. can women follow the chart of fat loss for men? if yess then which one should i start ?im 20yrs old woman , 57kg !!uh so much confusion~!

  12. hi tarun, its Prerona here. i follow ur videos. i have been working out for the last 3-3.5years. i hate cardio(although have to do it) and i do heavy weight training. what i want to ask is u sed that women about 28-30 face calcium deficiency. do i have to take other calcium tabs as well bcuz i am already used to taking whey proteins. i am 26.

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