What Causes Acne – You Don't Know This!

Goji Cream

You really are what you eat Beauties!
If you are eating junk food, if you are buying cheap products, then all these cheap, bad oils are causing acne! Yes, really.
Even organic oils when they go rancid, are harmful.
Learn to stay gorgeous and shamazing for many many years to come!

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I want you to be the happiest, healthiest you. My videos are funny, informative, and inspiring. I have 35 years experience (OMG) at organic, natural living as well as Yoga. I have been to India 13 times! I am an international wellness coach and Yoga educator. I live in New York City where I am a wellness coach, consultant, and Yoga educator. I get to work with amazing clients and students on life-changing health and wellness transformations. I also travel the world teaching wellness and Yoga workshops as well as teacher trainings. I coach in my office in New York City as well as by phone. I love working with new clients.

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I love Yoga, natural beauty, organic beauty, organic living, cooking, reading and writing. Also dancing, and exploring new movement and new coaching methods.
I hate plastic, single use everything (except toilet paper), junk food, and disposable things and mindsets. I want to inspire 1 million girls and women to lead amazing, healthy, joyous, and meaningful lives. 1 billion.

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Goji Cream

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  1. I have been avoiding eating vegetable oils and process food for years and also been wearing no makeup and avoiding oils or chemicals on my skin and still have bad acne.

  2. Perfect as always!! Thank you so much Beautiful one <3 I learn something new every time I watch you vids.  Thumbs up always 🙂 🙂

  3. I just learned how to store oil! Thank you. You have already impacted my skin so much and you've inspired me to limit the amount of chemicals I use on my face. You are the best. Can't wait to see what you come up with next 🙂

  4. Hi Kiki, i'm from Morocco and I loove you, your channel is the best, thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. I have a question please, i've had 2 C sections and the skin around the belly area became saggy, is there a way to tighten it, i heard apple cider vinegar is good, what do you think? thanks in advance.

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