Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners – 10 Minute Yoga Routine For Fat Burning Workout

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners – 10 Minute Yoga For Fat Burning Workout

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This is a very basic beginners yoga workout for weight loss by Dena Maddie. This is a 10 minute fat burning routine that is good for first time yoga people. It could also be called yoga for complete beginners or yoga for dummies. Do this workout to help with fat burning and help to lose weight.

Dena Maddie is profession fitness instructor in Austin, Texas.

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. I loss 0.6 pounds.Good job me xD

    Also find the difference

  2. I could only do half of the video 😢 but that's expected since I haven't done any kind of work out for at least 3 yrs. This is a very good workout though! thank you

  3. I enjoyed the work out, today is my first time trying it. My only problem with it as a beginner in it to lose weight (i.e. I'm heavier than the instructor) is there any way you could suggest modified poses for some of us that are heavier until my upper body strength improves and I lose a few pounds? I don't want to feel like I'm skipping any part of the workout but in particular I was having a hard time with the poses that require me to use upper body strength to support a great deal of my body weight and had to stop a couple of times. But other than that I really enjoyed my first try and will continue to practice with the video

  4. thank you Dena Maddie that was fun it made my body feel so good keep posting more videos

  5. Thank you, I really enjoyed this. Is there anything a can do to protect my wrists, they began hurting quite quickly. cheers in advance.

  6. it was really good and suitable for beginners . Simplified and easy to follow on the mat as she doesnt keep mumbling other things. Thank u very much

  7. Thank you so much it was great, I follow your yoga every morning before my run. Lovely way to meditate and stretch your muscles and connect with the body.

  8. That was a little ruff, but that just means I have a lot to go! That's great motivation. Thanks for a great instructional beginners video. The thorough explanation really helped out.

  9. Wow FINALLY something I can actually use! I've tried so many different videos and this one is perfect for me as a beginner…thanks so much Dena you saved me from giving up!! 

  10. I am slowly working my way back into yoga after a loooooong time off. This is a great video to start with. thanks!

  11. Do you make these mistakes in your weight loss regimen? Copy and paste into google Fat Blast Furnace to find out.

  12. Your body has the hormone which handles 100% ability to lose fat, it is Leptin. To fat loss effectively, you have to know the right way to speed up your metabolism. 

  13. I usually love psychetruth videos but this one was awful. For ten minutes, I didn't even break a sweat. Plus she takes too long to describe each transition. I found it very boring.

  14. I really enjoyed ue session..I find it hard to chattaranga push I need to use my knees..:(…ive been doin tho for about 2urs faithfully for 8mo….any suggestions. ..

  15. Very nice routine nice repeat session with the down dog format.
    Love the hamster in the background that's a first

  16. Lovely Yoga routine that's easy to fit into our and your day. Thanks and smiles from The English Sisters 

  17. I've been waning to do Yoga for fitness purposes for awhile now and I just decided this morning to give it a try and I loved your video! I'm defiantly subscribing and will continue watching 🙂 Thanks for the video! 

  18. These are easy but not really easy enough for most over weight people. It would be good to show a well practiced over-weight person who knows some likely needed modifications.

  19. i almost turned it off until you gave it a purpose, and gave it intention. Thank you for reminding me why I turned it on again..

  20. The blood rushes to my head when I do downward dog, it's almost overwhelming, but I'll keep at it, thanks!

  21. Speaking of mat, congrats to Matthew McConaughey! Was that a great speech or what! ….not that I watch the Oscars
    I like how Dena ends her vids in childs pose while talking towards the floor. If Jim Carry won an Oscar this is probably how he would give his speech. Hilarious