Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

Please watch: “Home Workout Walking Challenge | 7 Day Challenge | Somya Luhadia”
Hello everyone Sorry for not uploading last week because as i was out for vacations but promise to be consistent from Now!
Todays video is about dieting tips & tricks that you all wanted me to do so i hope to address some of your queries related to Diet PLANS & Weight Loss .
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See you Soon
Somya 🙂

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. I got hospitalized by doing keto diet 😷 now only I discharged from hospital. Plz don't do keto diet.🏥 😞

  2. Hi sowmya.. just started watching ur videos n honestly loved them.. love ur simple n easy tips.. also ur exercise im following.. I have one major problem.. I can easily eat less during day but in the night for dinner i cannot eat less Im never full i get hungry and then i cannot sleep.. if u can help me on this pls do reply il wait for it eagerly…

  3. Thank you so much for your videos it helps me lot to motivate myself and believe in myself that I can lose my fat.. Now I'm in my vacation and at home but I'm afraid that after going to hostel I may not be continue my weight loss journey as the food of hostel has no taste and also no health.. What can I do in hostel?

  4. Hey i have lost 6 kgs in 1 and a half month. I do not really do exercises just walk a lot and eat mindfully like eating less and everything. I don't restrict myself from having anything as we cannot stop ourselves from having just veges for the rest of our lives so j eat everything but in limit. I walk around 2-3 hours a day at normal speed and i lost considerable amount of weight. Just to let everyone know . This might be helpful to some. As it is not necessary to follow a diet routine or exercise for hours. Its easy guyz. Jump into it with small changes. All d best