Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

Hey Guys! I know that when you first make the choice to lead a healthier lifestyle it can be overwhelming… Like where do I even start?? These are just some tips that I think could be useful for beginners. The goal is to lose the weight and keep it off !

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Yeaaa I was finna say Always do more weight training than cardio. Cardio makes you lose muscle. I’ve been in training for a while& I think you are pretty much on track ! Great.
    ALSO . Do NOT. Look at the scale unless it’s A BMI scale otherwise it’s just a number it’s not telling you your percent of body fat / muscle. You can gain weight cause-of muscle, many factors can cause weight gain. Focus on turning fat into muscle. Bc you could be 210 and lose 30 lbs and be able to fit the clothes you weren’t able to fit when you were 180lbs before . Never focus on weight , but It’s only a number ! Focus on building your muscle.

  2. I just found your video. & let me tell you, your so funny! And I'm also on the track of losing weight! I have lost 4lbs in 1 week and I have been drinking lots of water stopped eating so much foods and stopped eating past 8 and girl I see where my stomach is smaller just like you was talking about I myself have been taking pictures every week! And it feels so good !

  3. I watch this video before but I’m back to it because I really REALLY want to order a wings and philly combo but I’m on day 2 and I’m training my brain not to self sabotage 😩 the beginning is always the absolute worst.

  4. Mecca is a religious place.. I get its your name but its a sacred place for muslims and they do pray towards Mecca.. kinda disrespectful.

  5. My weight loss journey is starting soon!!! I am about to let go of all this extra weight I've been holding onto since the birth of my daughter. IT'S BEEN LONG ENOUGH!! If you would like to help keep me encouraged and on track OR start with me. Let me know!!!!! I really want to do this so why not join me!!!! I'm starting at the first of the year. January 2019!!!!! I'm so motivated now!!!!

  6. I’m younger, and I don’t think my parents would approve of me preparing meals. My family loves delicious meals, and I want to stay away from that. Any tips?

  7. I had been very fired up to try this diet program “fetching tuti space” (Google it). This kind of program was the key reason why my buddy was able to shed 11 pounds. After 3 weeks of adhering to it, I managed to shed 12 lbs. I did not make virtually any significant alterations in my lifestyle. The program taught me how to control the amount of fat I consume..

  8. You're so right when I go into the day prepared I'm less likely to flip but when I eat as I go .. lol yo issa recipe for disaster

  9. The tempurpedic mattress part made me literally laugh really loud and of course I'm at my quiet ass job listening to this LOL….but I love ur videos & you are hilarious…..I am top heavy as well so your videos help me alot with motivation….I am only 3 weeks into my Journey and I'm dwn 7lbs started at 227 and my goal is 170. Not alot but I'm just getting started and ready to keep pushing💖😘

  10. Oh my gosh, i seriously love you and your personality💗😂 you made me smile and it really helped me think about my plan for losing weight & I am gonna continue to stick with my plan. Thanks for the tips and advice I really appreciate💕 Love that there are people like you out there helping people like us💗 Have an awesome day!

  11. This is exactly me , I really needed another person to relate to me and I found this video and this is a real game changer I see my weight in a different perspective . Thanks you so much for this

  12. Can you make a video about the changes that your body went through as far as your health and like your physical features like did you have a lot of loose skin? Or did you see that your body snapped back? Do you have more energy?

  13. Same problem with my family I live with them and I even started meal prepping and they ate that too I just need to move out lol

  14. Thank you, I have been eating clean pesceterian dairy free for health purposes for 3 months. I am getting better and better day by day but it's hard. It is an investment and I want my penny jar full. So I'm not giving up this time

  15. I love the piggy bank metaphor. Very inspiring. I've lost about 15 pounds, 1 million to go lol. I put my penny in today too. 45min on the treadmill 😧

  16. “I dabbled with chocolate in other areas why not dabble with a chocolate bar “ 😂😂I love you lmao new subbie fursure !

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