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Weight Loss Tip #2–Video

Weight Loss Tip #2–Video


New video on my blog post – Notes on How I Lost Weight.

I’m breaking down each of the 6 tips that have helped me figure out the best diet, balance and habits for my body. Check out the original post for all 6 tips. They’re helpful lessons that have helped me, but you gotta do what is best for your body. Treat yo-self well.

(Note: If you are triggered by diet talk or someone talking about their weight loss – go ahead and head on over to another website or Instagram and check out funny memes.)

This is tip #2…

2. I acknowledged the #1 reason I gain weight and tried to work on it.

One of the main reasons why I gain weight and/or can’t lose weight is = SNACKING.

I snack the most when I’m tired or bored.

So, knowing that I snack when I’m tired I started to drink Spark a little before my usual afternoon energy crash. It has caffeine and B vitamins, which help keep me from needing a snack to spike my blood sugar.

Weight Loss Video Series:

How I lost weight… Tip #1

How I lost weight… Tip #2

*More coming soon!*’’

Reminder: Your health – both physical and mental health – are very important. Take care of both.

As with any advice or tips you see on the internet… take what is helpful, leave what is not. But above anything else – take care of yourself.

Question: What is the hardest habit for you to break?

Do you have one?? If not, can you help me work on mine? Thanks.

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