WEIGHT LOSS 101 β™‘ The Beginner's Guide to Fit!

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Hii! This video is all about how to get started on your fitness journey, or if you just need a little push in the middle of yours!

This is the start of my Weight Loss 101 series. Just included 6 quick tips about getting started with getting fit. Hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment down below, I’d love to chat or answer any questions. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi guys!!! I'm now offering personal online fitness coaching. I'd love to help you get the body you've always wanted! Check the video description for more information. Love you guys!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—β­

  2. thanks for this amazing video, i love that you said your goal might be 30 min. running. for some people thats so normal, but for me i cant even run 5… :*

  3. Lifting weight (with a good instructor in the beginning) makes everything so much (!!!) easier and the optical result so much more pleasant! 2×30 or even 1x45min per week is enough, plus your favorite other activities.

  4. Since i have started this β€œfetching tuti space” weight loss plan (Google it) I`ve dropped 17 pounds. It can nothing short of a miracle. I must say i recommend you Google the actual β€œfetching tuti space” on your own and try it.

  5. But what do u do when u reach ur goal? Do u just track calories forever? I reached a weight that i like but im so scared to stop counting and gain the weight back but also counting becomes obsessive and it limits ur options

  6. With weight loss, I think the focus on calorie counting should be shifted to eating a balanced diet of foods that make you feel good long-term. One's body needs carbs (starchy, leafy, and sweet), protein, and fat to operate optimally. I usually end up eating vegetables and fruits because I want to, or eat more vegetables because I've eaten too many starchy carbohydrates, or whatever — and I do this because of the balance factor, not because of calories. Just thought I'd share the perspective. Thanks so much for the videos — keep up the great work!

  7. Hello. I'm finnish and I am still in school, here there is a law that schools have to serve lunch for their students. Therefor the students aren't allowed to take their own lunch to school. I'm a vegetarian, so I know there's no meat in my food, but other then that I really don't know what's in my food. And even though the food IS relativly healthy, I don't know things as how much fat there is in it and how many calories it has. Do you have any advice? Could I just get away with doing more exercise or?? And as a plus I have made it a habit of taking to much food on my plate, and because of the dirty looks I would get if I wouln't finish my plate (we've had problems with large amounts of food being wasted because of it being trashed, so that the reason for that)and the bad selfconciouns I would get, I almost always eat too much.