Vitamin Enriched Environ Skincare Routine for Brighter, Younger Skin

Rescue Spa Philadelphia’s Esthetician, Joanna Kula analyzes and treats Shop Rescue’s customer service representative Nicole’s skin. Nicole’s concerns are universal, as she is looking to address hyperpigmentation due to sun damage as well as anti-aging.

1. AM Daily: Cleanse with Environ Youth Essentia Hydra-Intense Cleansing Lotion to address uneven skin tone while prepping the skin for the next steps.
*PM: Double cleanse by simply repeating this step.

2. *PM: Roll with Environ Gold CIT Roller. Always roll on clean skin. The goal is to acclimate by using the roller 1 x a week for the first month, to 2 x’s a week the following month, until you have built up a tolerance and are able to use the tool daily.

(Or for a more affordable option:

Focus CIT for the eye area. This tool is great for treating puffiness, dark circles, fine lines etc. around hard to reach areas such as the eye contour and lips.

**Clean tools with Environ’s Roll-CIT cleaning solution after each use.

3. AM & PM Daily: After cleansing (and rolling) apply Environ Youth Essentia Vita-peptide Toner to balance and tone the skin.

4. Mask: 1-2 x’s a week follow with Revival Masque. This masque is unique as it can be worn for 20 minutes and removed, or it can be worn overnight in place of your usual night cream.

5. Serums: Apply Vita Botanical Mela-fade Serum System morning and night daily. Mix both serums A+B in the palm of your hands to activate, then apply to the skin.

6. AM & PM Daily treat the eye area with Environ Youth Essentia Vita Peptide Eye Gel. Lightly tap the product into the delicate skin.

7. AM & PM Daily: Moisturize. We recommend Youth Essentia Antioxidant Defense Cream for those who are normal to dry.
For those who are sensitive and/or acne prone look to Environ Vita-Enriched Antioxidant Gel. This is also a favorite product among teens and men, especially during the hot and humid summer months!

8: During the day always finish with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF (30) such as RAD.

*At night when the skin is dry or dehydrated seal the deal with Environ
Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules for a low-grade boost of Vitamin A!

During the cooler months when sun exposure is limited Joanna recommends using a retinol at night.
For more information contact us 1.866.772.2766

Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

Essentia Health is an integrated healthcare system with facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Idaho. As of 2014 it has over 12,000 employees, including 1,500 physicians and credentialed practitioners. The network includes 17 hospitals, 66 clinics, eight long-term care facilities, two assisted living facilities, four independent living facilities, and one research institute. Essentia was accredited as an Accountable Care Organization by the National Committee for Quality Assurance in 2013.

Essentia Health was formed in 2004, as the parent company of the partnership between the Benedictine Health System and St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System (SMDC). Essentia Health acquired Dakota Clinic/Innovis Health in January 2008. In 2010, Essentia Health integrated the resources of all of its member organizations – SMDC Health System, Innovis Health, Brainerd Lakes Health, Essentia Community Hospitals and Clinics, and Essentia Institute of Rural Health – and united them under the one name, Essentia Health.

Essentia Health has more than two dozen Catholic-sponsored clinics, hospitals, and other facilities. The roots of Essentia’s Catholic facilities trace back to a group of Benedictine nuns who established St. Mary’s Hospital, Essentia Health’s oldest hospital, in Duluth in 1888.

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  1. The camera was almost close enough. I’m curious and would like to know why a cream cleanser was used instead of gel for her second cleanse.

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