Tips for a Healthy Heart

Risk factors for Heart Disease – Obesity and overweight, Physical inactivity, Lifestyle diseases – Diabetes, High blood pressure, High LDL level, high triglycerides, Stress, Genetic, Aging, Post menopause.

Below are very generic tips for healthy heart, everyone has different requirements, do consult expert, especially if you are on risk of heart disease or having any medical condition.

1) Increase fiber content
2) Don’t reuse oil.
3) Include omega 3, magnesium in your diet.
4) Keep check on your vitamin D level.
5) Fat is important so is the quantity of Fat is important, take visible fat in consideration for portion size.
6) Stay active, minimum 150 minutes of exercise.
7) Read labels
8) Take stairs
9) Avoid consumption of processed food.
10) Keep check on caffeine intake.

Home remedies
1) Cinnamon, coriander seeds and dry rose petals – take in equal proportion – make a powder, have 1 tsp in warm milk (cow milk) in morning daily. Helps in improving metabolism, good antioxidant, helps in controlling inflammation.
2) Take 2-3 raw garlic cloves in morning.
3) Take 100 ml water and 1 tsp ajwain and 1-2 black pepper, boil till half. Strain and drink it, have in night, helps in cleansing.
4) Include 1 serving of fresh pomegranate in your daily diet.

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