The Best Cardio Exercises for Losing Weight with Bad Knees: Full 10-Minute Home Workout

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Good news: You don’t have to do high impact moves like running, squat jumps or burpees to shed pounds! In addition to walking, there are some great low impact, multi muscle moves that you can do that can be more gentle on your knee joints but still help you burn plenty of calories.

In this quick workout I’ll show you some of my favorite, simple ways to mix up your low impact, indoor cardio workout. The best part is that these moves that use minimal space and zero equipment (that’s right, no treadmill required!).

And of course, it’s important to note that weight loss comes from creating a caloric deficit, so sure to pair your workouts with a healthy diet that is under your daily calorie needs in order to shed pounds effectively. A great formula I recommend for weight loss is to consume 250 calories less and burn 250 extra calories per day.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Equipment: None

Intensity: Moderate

Please note: If you are working with a specific knee injury, be sure to get your doctor and/or physical therapist’s approval before attempting this workout. If you suffer from knee pain regularly, be sure to consult a professional for an expert diagnosis.

This workout features moves that help to burn calories, burn fat, build aerobic endurance and coordination as well as work the muscles in the hips, thighs, glutes, shins, arms, shoulders and core with exercises like:

Walking in place
Lateral Steps
High Knee Marching
Knee Lifts with Opposite Arm Overhead Reach
Low Impact Jumping Jacks
Cross Over Kicks
Heel Digs

Did you try the moves? Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below!

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. My dog has learned that when she hears your theme music and voice she should start running around, throwing her ball, or sitting on my feet!

  2. Thank you!! I have the dvds. Are they safe for knees? The whole dvd? I hurt my knees whenever I start a new exercise program, but this one is safe for me.

  3. wow I used to workout with you about 4 -5 yrs ago and looked great. I recently found out I have Digenerative Disc Disease which many develope as we get older. I am now 54 and have gained more weight than I planned.. So the short question is; do you have any workouts for us who have arthritis and DDD? My pain starts in the hip and permeates down into the foot. Anyone; please help me figure out a way to lose weight with this. :'(

  4. This is great! Thanks so much! Every other short beginner program as good as they are, increased my knee pain. But this is short and effective and painless! So grateful!

  5. Jessica said when we get older we start to shuffle our feet. I noticed in a recent video of me that my husband took, I realized I walk like a strong man. I was about 60 then. As far as I know I still walk the same way. Soooo, as the older woman on a recent tv commercial for a cosmetic brand said "They say, when you get older you just stop caring. I wonder what age that is." I wonder when I will start shuffling my feet.

  6. I like the workout I'm overweight an my knees hurt because of my wait are there any other ones you have for my abdominal thank you

  7. This is only the second time I've tried this, so I can't speak to its effectiveness at weight loss yet, but I can say that it's a good, gentle cardio workout that gets my heart rate up without leaving me too winded to move. I was a heavy smoker for 15 years, so most cardio is a no-go if I want to be able to breathe, but this I can do without keeling over.

  8. This is the perfect workout! Although I'm only 16 I've had more than 5 major knee surgeries on each knee and years of previous repetative injury causing me to be unable to do sport for almost a decade. I cant kneel or twist or jump and this is enough to get me moving again and hopefully gaining movement again!

  9. Thank you,Jessica for being there for me when I need this particular workout. Sometimes, I forget myself during other workouts and overdo it on my left knee and end up needing a day off. This workout is what I use to get myself back into the workout game.

  10. Finding this has been a god send! I was born with a birth defect which resulted in dozens of surgeries since I was a child up into adulthood. I sustained a pretty bad injury last summer and my knee has been even worse since. I gained weight which has only made things worse for my knee. Exercise is such a challenge for me because I have to be so careful with my leg. Finding things like this video gives me hope and encouragement to keep trying to get this extra weight off. I plan on doing this whenever my leg is feeling okay to do it. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this!

  11. This is so helpful !
    I'm recovering from knee arthroscopy and I was trying to lose some weight and I tried some exercise even walking for 40 minutes but non of them make my heart rate increases like before when I run .. I was so happy after like 4 minutes when I put my finger around my neck and find that pulse really goes fast!
    Thank you so much

  12. I just wanna say thank you, I'v tried several workouts to try to get a bit in shape, but because of my bad left leg I always stumble across some parts that I can't do and while I wait for being able to 'join back into the workout' my heart rate drops a lot and I fall out of rhythm. This is the first time I could stay along all the way and actually do everything with you. Very nice to have a proper little sweat without breaks in between, thank you 😀

  13. I had x-ray for my left knee on 2013. It diagnosed OA. But now 2 of my knees in pain. Hope this exercise will help me to keep have exercise everyday. Thank you so much for instruction

  14. Wow, thank you.. I just found this video and started doing it. I have very bad knees from ACL that were never treated and this video is not that hard and easy to do! 💪💪💪