Tamil Weight Loss Story of Subscribers | 100 Kg – 83 Kg Weight Loss Journey | Weight Loss Diet Tips

Hi Friends. Today I am announcing the winners and their weight loss story. How our subscribers reduce from more than 100 kgs. Useful diet and weight loss tips
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Disclaimer: All content in this youtube video is based on my personal experience and views.I am not a medical practician. So Please do not consider this as a medical advice.
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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. Hi sister epadi erukeenga. Naan ennaiku ennoda weight check pannen. Season 4 start panna apo ennoda weight 83kg ennaiku ennoda weight 77kg. Soooooo thank u sister for ur motivation. I continue my weight loss journey because I am aim 70kg. One more thanks sister.

  2. Jeera water
    Bf:2 dosai
    Lunch : cucumber; bitter guard, avarakai, rice
    Evg: buttermilk
    Nit: apple , guava before 7.30
    I m started to clean my home with out mop, i m using cloth

  3. Hi nila sis season 4 enoda weight loss 2kgs 73.6 to 71.6 innum 65 Ku varanum nu ennoda target next season la kandipa achieve panniduven…thanks a lot sis bcs 81 la irunthu 71 Ku vanthiruken am so happy and enaku thyroid iruku so ellarum weight reduce panrathu rmba kastam nu sonanga unga videos paathu follow panathala tha na korachiruken Dec to Feb kula and kandipa nxt season la 60 Ku entre aaiduven thank u so much sis

  4. Hi sis ennum diet fallow pannitu than eruken nuu sollratha vida regular life style ahh mariduchu nila.eppo illam oru nall buttermilk sapidalanaa sad ahh feel panren.😍😍😍😍😍thanks nila

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