Reduce your Abdomen | Challenge 800 Standing Abs

Challenge doing 800 abs. Amazing workout challenge and see how it reduces abdomen. The perfect exercises to reduce abdomen and waist at home, to be fit, lose weight, tone and eliminate abdominal fat. A flat stomach in less than 30 days is possible. Train with more abdomen exercises by Susana Yábar

Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. simply awesome and effective…thanks so much suzanayabar😘 keep us stay motivated with your smile and concern for us while doing workout ..Thanks soo much

  2. Just completed the workout , it’s very doable and I’m going to do this 4 times a week and I will report back in 30 days
    Day 1: complete 🌹
    Day 2: complete 🌹

  3. Really dunno how to thank you Susana.. you made me a stunning bride for my much awaited day🤗I was sort of brand ambassador promoting your channel among my friends and relatives that day😄😄.. thank you so much😊😚😚 a foodie now but without worries 😄bcz i know u r just a click away😙😙love from India🇮🇳

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