Mid-WEEK Anti-inflammatory FOOD Haul 3| help cut belly fat

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  1. Overload cuteness Mom and baby! I’m new to your channel and really appreciate your time and effort teaching me and the you tube community about food ingredients, juicing and exercise. You are an amazing women. I have been binge watching for the past few weeks and enjoyed every video. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Greatly appreciated. Continued blessings!👍🏽👌🏾🥰

  2. Love your videos very helpful but sometimes hard to watch with blurs still great advice and I really take in your nutritional knowledge ♥️

  3. Ok wait….did y'all see Paige hairbow….so cute…now I know this video was not about Paige but she was so cute with her little outfit on looking like twinsies!! And yes, I will also read my labels!

  4. Thank you so much for this valuable information. I buy organic foods most of the time but will make it all the time. I'm on a journey to losing baby weight and your videos help me a lot.

  5. Thanks Magda… I really enjoyed the content of this video. Keep up the good work keeping us informed with honest facts about "Health" foods. 😉

  6. Great tips very good information! I appreciate the information u shared. It is very helpful in my nutritional choices.

  7. OMG..Paige is so adorable! I just want to squeeze those little cheeks. Thanks for representing black women working out and wanting to be healthy.

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