Mid-WEEK Anti-inflammatory FOOD Haul 2 | help cut belly fat

Walking you through my Total body fat-loss muscle sculpting workout regimen. 

👉👉Clean Eats virtual Recipe E-book -/recipes that helped to keep my waist slim pre and postpartum visit the website below for more info 

Online coaching or in Person Training 

Butcher box (order soon for Free wild caught Salmon and grass fed ground beef)

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. I need to know about what naturally helps cramps I want to go to the ER every time.. so plz help me!!! Thank you💕

  2. (Psalms 145: 2 KJV) Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever. (Psalms 145 :3 KJV) Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.

  3. I just send you an email, I’m trying to train with you not to lose weight but just to be fit and eat right so like recipes ideas and stuff…looking forward to hearing back

  4. I just want you to know how much of a inspiration you’ve been for me!! I’ve been through a lot in life as a child to adulthood. Along the way I lost a lot of self confidence, gained a lot of weight and I just settled with what was going on. Watching your videos inspired me to get up, love myself and overall become the best I can be for myself and kids. I have a long way to go but I’m inspired to keep going!! Thank you and god bless you!!

  5. I'm so excited to have found your channel!! I've seen you at a few of my bodybuilding competitions. I have fell off since then and just got back motivated😊

  6. I love your channel. The only people who dislike your videos is
    People who tried 10 years of new year's resolution to be like you, only to quit two days later because they were addicted to pizza cheese fries with a side of chocolate dipped hamburgers

  7. Tfs Madga. Your hair is gorgeous. . .full of body. I see we have something in common. You are meticulous with your parts. Paige's part is on point. It was hard for me to get them that straight when my girls were that small. Moving heads were the obstacles. 😔 Happy New Year🎉

  8. I love ginger tea and cooking with it. Its always in my fridge n freezer.
    Carrot juice with lime n ginger
    Cucumber juice with lime n ginger very refreshing.

  9. Omg! Princess Paige is walking now🚶🏾‍♀️
    Thanks for the sharing this helpful food list and showing the benefits of each item. Happy New Year to you and the family 🙏🏾

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