Make Fresh Sweet, Spicy Tangy Sauerkraut at Home / Fermented Cabbage For Healthy Gut !!

Step by Step Guide to make Spicy Tangy Sauerkraut at home. This is an excellent recipe if you like spicy (not so much ) food :).
Sauerkraut Is Very Nutritious. Sauerkraut contains many nutrients which are great for gut health.
Improves Your Digestion.
Boosts Your Immune System.
May Help You Lose Weight.
Helps Reduce Stress and Maintain Brain Health.
May Promote Heart Health.
Contributes to Stronger Bones.

In today’s life, we all are dealing with a high-stress environment which contributing to mental fatigue and draining the brain’s processing power, impairing cognitive functions like memory, attention and concentration. So a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle is needed to cope up.
Health is not only just about avoiding disease, but it is also about physical, mental and social wellbeing. When a healthy lifestyle is adopted, a more positive role model is provided to other people in the family, particularly children and as a mom, that’s my first priority.
I want to introduce her to the power of nature by providing natural foods, cooking healthy meals, playing outdoor activities, playing with sands or clay as much as possible. I also ensure that she is actively involved in every activity I am doing to strengthen the bond with me and with nature.
I believe if you are not eating natural food, then your immune system is most likely very weak. But eating natural food doesn’t mean eating expensive or eating supplements. My goal is to follow a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE lifestyle and share with you the same. Join me on this journey to make life bit healthier and happier.
Cheers [with smoothie :)]!!
Mommy Butterfly

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. Your step to step guides are perfect for people like me who like to be shown what to do. Such a positive healthy channel. Great video

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