Make Alkaline Water – Learn How To Build a Homemade Ionizer – AMAZING NEW DISCOVERIES

– Build a Homemade Alkaline Water Ionizer – After a lot of trial and error and breakthrough discoveries we have come up with ways to:

1. Make Alkaline water without having to introduce electrolyte into the drinking water tank!
2. How to use the cheapest stainless steel for the electrodes
3. How to protect the electrode in the positive or acidic tank!
4. How to actually get better tasting drinking water using the tank
5. How to reintroduce minerals back into the water if you use reverse osmosis water.

NOTE: This is not a water purifier. You have to use your own pure water


If You Would Like To Build Your Own Water Ionizer Feel Free To Go To:

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  1. zinc electrodes will leave heavy metal in the water with electrolois! Very dangerous to drink! The electrodes need to be platinized titanium. Change your plans!!!

  2. I am making my own ionizer along with a water revitalizer. Some are saying the ionized water does not keep very long once it is made. 2 1/2 gals is too much for one day. Do you re-establish the DC every day before extracting the water? Do you check the ph level to determine when this is necessary?…Thanks

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