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Science of weight training :

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One of the biggest fitness questions that most young INDIAN lifters seem to have is – SHould you lift heavy or light to build muscle? Lifting heavy or light weights to build muscle is a complicated topic. But in today’s video I’ve tried breaking it down as simply as i can. I feel that its an essential part of learning when it comes to weight training for beginners. The best rep range for YOU – whether you should lift heavy weights or light weights – depends on a number of factors. The best rep ranges for muscle growth, the best rep range for size and the best rep range for strength is one complicated topic. Heavy or light weights depend on YOUR goal. Should you lift heavy weight with low reps or lift weight for more reps – The answer lies in today’s super special weight training video.


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  1. Thank you so much! This explains a lot of why i am lifting more, staying the same weight losing fat and not getting bigger! Im getting denser.

  2. The science of fitness has reasons for both heavyweights and light weights. Depending on what you want to do. there is a word called ENDURANCE generally not seen in Indian fitness. whether youtube or real life I have not seen a single person talking about fitness or endurance. you go through all the famous YouTubers into this fitness business in India they talk about the steroids,muscles…no discussion about endurance. You talked about strength but not a single time about endurance,. what you guys teach are just muscle mass and muscle building. that is what we are lacking in. we always have this belief that one who is muscular is fit. But real fitness is endurance and having a body like an athlete. If we look for examples like #AKSHAY KUMAR #VIRAT KOHLI are more into endurance and toned fitness having abs and full of energy. Whereas #John Abraham #salman khan #sanjay Dutt are muscular. But for INDIANS they just believe that only the 2nd category is fitness and cool. Although both are cool on their part.

  3. Looks like some website stole your ideas, some website named (muscle strength) shows the same in teen weight lift guide. 😁

  4. Thanks bro i had been gyming for 7 months bit i stopped getting bigger after 4 months or so(i was not consistent because of my xams)but now i know how can i grow again

  5. I think his hand movements and the general enthusiasm for explaining things to us is actually making it easier to understand what he's trying to convey.
    I don't understand why people are complaining.

  6. Bro can a guy with high myopia (-7 in my case) lift heavy weights? If yes, then what is the maximum weight limit?

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