Kickboxing Cardio For Weight Loss! At Home Beginners Workout, Learn to Kickbox Part 2

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Kickboxing Cardio For Weight Loss! At Home Beginners Workout, Learn to Kickbox Part 2

This is quick 16 minute workout is Part 2 of Tiffany’s Kickboxing series! In this video, you were learn the correct kickboxing techniques to get you ready for the upcoming videos. Great for beginners!

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Ohmy this looks deceivingly simple, until I tried it and done now panting like madddd but good workout thanks for this!!!!!

  2. +PsycheTruth Do any of your staff do Muay Thai? I find it really good, I need to get back to the muay thai gym I started going to.

  3. this is great, people underestimate how good of a workout kickboxing and boxing are, plus they can come in handy

  4. I feel like I always get stuck in a trance on these videos. I bet i'm not the only one. Smarter fitness is what you will find on MuscleNMind!

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