Keto and Intermittent Fasting work GREAT together

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

#keto #ketogenicdiet #ketogranny #ketoandintermittentfastingforrapidweightloss #rapidweightloss #intermittentfasting #ketodiettips #ketoforbeginners The keto diet and intermittent fasting work great together for getting healthy and losing weight. I explain how the process works. Keto and Intermittent fasting produce results. Get healthy and lose weight.

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. @Keto Granny- It was hard to hear you, not sure if it was my phone or what. But I put it next to my ear and what I heard really helped. I remember that you had videos in the beginning where you rode a stationary bike and some things like that. I’m trying to figure out an exercise regimen without having to join a gym. I was doing good and then I got sick and am not sure how to get back on track. I don’t know if I ever did Keto correctly. I need to figure out how many macros I need, how much fat and how much protein. How much is too much or too little? I like your videos because I can understand things the way you present it. Thank you. Oh and what types of things do you drink when you fast? I heard the coffee.

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