Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss – Motivation Diet Exercise

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

Through Motivation, Diet and Exercise you can achieve permanent weight loss by changing the programming in your subconscious mind with hypnosis and the powerful suggestions on this track.

Successfully losing weight and permanently keeping the weight off means getting control of your inner state of mind and your outer eating and exercising habits.

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Emotionally eating is largely driven by stress, sadness and other forms of pain.

You may find yourself eating reflexively and mindlessly from habits, convenience and social norms.

This track helps you take back control of your life so you can accomplish successful and permanent weight loss. Like working out in a gym, it’s NOT a “one and done” process. It’s a lifetime of staying motivated in the right mental and emotional state through mental practice and hypnosis.

Keep listening to this track daily until you feel in control. Then move into a mental maintenance program like meditation or one of my shorter tracks.

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Hypnosis is a tool that can help you lose the weight permanently.

Control your inner state to control your outer state. Feel joy inside. Love yourself. Exercise your body. and make clearer decisions in the moment regarding healthy and unhealthy food. Accomplish successful weight loss and keep the weight off permanently.


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I’m Peter McLaughlin, CHt a Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach practicing since 2006.

Each person has an inner-magnificence and unique gifts to bring to this world.

It’s my calling to help you access this magnificence, break through longstanding mental and emotional barriers and realize your dreams. – Life Coaching

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My journey began in 2003 with a leukemia diagnosis. This life-threatening condition led me to the discovery of how powerful our minds are for creating illness, health, failure and success.

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Disclaimer: This video is for information and educational purposes only not as a substitute for qualified medical or psychological intervention or assistance. Do not drive or operate potentially dangerous equipment while listening.

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. I've tried this a few times now. I always fall asleep and then I have horrible, really horrible, nightmares. Every time.

  2. One of the best weightloss guided meditation I ever listened to ! Will listen daily coupled to my sport routine and new eating habits. Thank you BlueSky Hypnosis 🙂

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