How to Mix Kojic Acid Powder Into Cream – Kojic Acid Powder Measurements

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Hi everyone, in this video I talk about the proper measurements & mixture of 12oz, 8oz, & 4oz Kojic Acid lotion. I show my lovely viewers how to activate the Kojic Acid Powder with the White Pigment Serum and how to mix it with their cream or lotion. In other words, how to make a Kojic acid cream or lotion work much more effectively.


12oz lotion
4 level tablepoons of kojic acid and 4 caps of white pigment serum. Add to 12oz for 12.16% lotion

8oz lotion
2 level tablepoons of kojic acid and 2 caps of white pigment serum. Add to 8oz for 8.16% lotion

4oz lotion
1 level tablespoon of kojic acid and I cap of white pigment serum. Add to 4oz for 4.16% lotion

► Kojic Acid Powder:
► Base Cream:
►White Pigment Serum:

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  2. This is best then lightening. Bleaching creams lest dangerous for me Thank God I never used any lightening or bleaching creams non thing at all. 👍 👍

  3. I cant get the white pigment serum, the site says it out of stock, please can u recommend me on how to get it? thanks

  4. Hey jus wana ask dont u need to dissolve the kojic powder in water first n place under double boiler so that its fully dissolved?cos wen i add it to my aloe vera gel it does not dissolve so i need to dissolve the powder first.another youtuber does the same thing and shes realy experienced.plz do let me know.many thanks.xx

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