How To Make Workout Plan For Muscle Building And Fat Loss? Become Your Own Trainer!

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

In this video I’m explaining How to make workout plan for muscle building and fat loss? How I design my workouts? How many days in a week you should workout? How many sets? How many reps? How much rest in between sets? Which exercises for muscle building? EVERYTHING is explained. After Watching This You’ll Become Your Own Trainer!
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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Brother are you paying custom duty on airport for myprotein concentrate 5 kg when you bring it from france or any other country?? I am planning to bring it from dubai its available at 3900 rs only

  2. Hey bro, m skinny fat & I need to put on muscle mass, Can I do push pull leg , push pull leg 6days a week? If yes, then make a video of workouts of push pull leg routine.

  3. Kasam se Paaji, maza aa gaya dekh kar. Aapka channel dekhne k baad kai saare doubts mere clear hue hai and mera vision accurate hua hai. Plus is video me jo aapne itna deep info di hai, koi or shayad naa de. So again, thank you so much for this. Most of us need that.

  4. Bhai progressive overload m sirf ek muscle ko leke progressive overload krna h ya fir ek din m jitne exrecise karte h sabme progressive overload krna h??? Thanks for giving ur time in spreading the right knowledge

  5. Bt sir jse apne bataya reps change krte rho weeks k baad to comound movements and isolation movements dono ki rep ranges same rahengi ? Ar sath me hi change krdeni hn jse bench press 6 reps so …bicep curls also 6 reps ?

  6. Emg studies showed better results with increased frequency of training a muscle when compared to training a muscle only 1 time when the overall volume is kept same.
    SIMPLY batau to… Agar aap for example chest laga rahe ho ( ex : 3 sets incline bench, 3 sets flat bench, 4 sets cable cross, 3 sets dips, 3 sets pushups) agar app ye sare exercises ko over the week divide kar loge… For example aap ne 1st push day me 3 sets incline bench and 4 sets cable cross lagae… Next push day me flat bench, dips and push ups lagaya… To aap ka overall volume same raha chest training ka… But aapko results better milenge… If you compare it with 1 day chest training. And that's why people usually recommend push/pull/leg or upper/lower or full body splits to natural lifters. But please keep changing you splits after 8-12 weeks 🙏🏿
    P.S. : you can check out Jeff Nippard and Jeremy Ethier 's channel.

  7. This what u can do very simple
    1) squats , bench press , military press , dead lift
    Any one core workout
    2) arms – biceps and triceps
    3) repeat same as day one
    4) weak muscles – eg traps , forearms , claves
    5) cardio if u want or any core workout ….

    Guys it's all upon u
    Fats loss – calories deficit
    Muscle gain – calories surplus
    Lean muscle – than u have to be regular and make ur lifestyle according to tht simple ..

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