How to Lose BELLY POOCH | Lower Abs Barre Bootcamp

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

Uh the dreaded lower belly pooch! Seriously such an annoying little area to try to get rid of, but today I’m sharing a few of the BEST exercises to lose the lower belly fat for good! Plus there is one MAJOR announcement you don’t want to miss!

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Repeat this workout 3X w/ 16 reps per exercise!

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Comment Below w/ your FAVE exercise from this video! Did you do the workout? Do you hate lower belly fat? (uhh yes)

  2. Every time, I do lower belly workouts, my stomach just gets bulky and bigger. It's poking out when I do abdominal workouts

  3. Sooo I don’t know if this is normal but when I was going to do the first work out when I lift my legs I started shaking.

  4. I have a quince to go to in exactly one week so I'll be trying to do these everyday until then so I can look better in my dress, if I don't lose motivation 😅

  5. in socialism everybody doesn't have to like everything, a few dislikes, like i see here, are okay… probably injured or hurt folks… maybe the title misled them, it's okay.

  6. Oh my goodness!! This is the first video I tried with you Katie and ugh, I wish I found you sooner! I'm sweating it off for my brother's wedding, which I'm standing up in! I felt the burn in my quads after doing one session with you!! You're really good and super positive about doing just a few more!

  7. Oml I just found this video (ik I'm so late) but this was really hard I don't think I did half of them right but I'm gonna try to make this a daily routine and maybe I will get better at them😂😂

  8. I did this once and I was so proud and acually kinda sore….then she said, " do this 3 more times!" And my jaw dropped because it was hard to do it once XD I feel I would much rather do this once for 3 days then 3 times in one day haha….anyone else?

  9. I am workin out for my upcoming wedding this june. I’ve became concious about my belly thats why i need to work out so hard. Thank you tho 👍👍👍

  10. I've watched a lot of these videos and I'm trying to figure out how I can get my legs to stay straight without bending. My knees just keep wanting to bend no matter how hard I try to keep them straight

  11. I just came across’ Team Love Sweat Fitness and did the Belly Workout’ and I Loved It!!!! Subscribe & Now Searching For More Of Your Kick Booty Workouts!!! ❤️

  12. First time doing this workout. I thought it was only 10 mins then she said 3 more times I’m like oh man. Hey did it anyways. I’m not feeling any soreness quite yet maybe because I’m too fat, but I’m hoping if I continue with it I’ll get the results.