How to Lose Belly Fat – The Truth About Belly Fat, Abs, and Six Packs

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  1. Great video, very informative! Thank you very much. I lose 5 pounds in 1 week by following this method: => the2weekdietnow. com <= (Google it)

  2. First, you guys are the sweetest!
    Second, thank you for this video, it's extremely important IMO and always a good reminder. Keep on the great work, I really enjoy your channel and workouts.

  3. Thank you for your honesty and healthy encouragement to a healthier life style all together! You guys are refreshing and I look forward to starting my in home workout with FitnessBlender!! woohoo!!

  4. I will just say that God may bless you two beautiful people for selflessly helping other people, especially because it is very hard to start and you make it as real as it is and with that easier.. you pretty much put in every detail and your programs are so cheap its just amazing I wish you all the best in life really, people like you are rare today ♡

  5. You guys helped me Lose four stone a few years ago I’ve put weight back on due to a combination Thyroid problems diabetes and eating the wrong foods but I am back to lose weight again and keep it off for good this time I am older and wiser you two are the only ones that get me through it so I just want to thank you for that you’re really great and you give me the motivation to get fit I feel so much more better all over once I’ve got into your workouts and start to lose the weight it’s incredible the impact that you both have had on my life God bless you both
    happy New Year xxx

  6. Thank you for your advise. I was feeling so down when i can't loose fat i even stop going to mall and taking pictures cause i hate my body n myself. But now u guys gave me hope, i will continue working hard and never give up on my excercise 🙂 i really appreciate this.

  7. I just want to thank you for helping me with a big question in my mind. I have been doing your workouts since more than a month..with five days challenge, 1000 calorie workout and eating home cooked indian food. There is a tremendous change in my body and that comes from my husband who is my biggest critic yet motivation. I didn't see even a bit decrease in my abdomen, and I thought I am not doing it right. Or may be eating indian food is the cause (clean food) …this video really helped me a lot demystifying all the truths. A big thank you!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the positive mentality and honesty about working out and getting the body you will be comfortable with every day.
    If your motivation for working out is to look like a magazine cover you will fail 99% of the time.
    Work out to make you happy, and be happy to work out.
    Good luck y'all!

  9. Thanks. Much thanks for this helpful video and here I was trying to waste my time working on only belly fat when you can't spot reduce fat.

  10. You guys are the real deal & I like your talks as much as the workouts😊. Thanks for being brave & telling us the truth. I'm 64 & I follow along as I can, but you 2 are adorable.👍✌💖.

  11. Now this is the reason I love this channel… They promote true health and not an illusion of a chiseled body… And they are 100% correct in saying that every body type is different
    We should aim to be fit and healthy.. And not necessarily shredded

  12. I can honestly say that my weakness is cake donuts and brownies. If i stay away from those, im good to go. For some reason, no other snack gives me as much belly fat!!! ☺

  13. Thank youuu sososo much for your work and your inspiration! It s so refreshing to have a fitnesschanell that incourages a healthy and sustainable life style! For what counts I really support what u guys are doing! ☺️❤️

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