How To Hit A Heavy Bag for Beginners (BOXING TIP SERIES)

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In this how to hit a heavy bag for beginners boxing tip series video I demonstrate 3 tips on how to to get better at hitting a heavy bag. A lot of people just think hitting a heavy bag is just walking up to it and swinging but in reality there is an art and technique that comes with it, which I will be showing you in this how to hit a heavy bag for beginners video. Hope you enjoy my NEW BOXING TIP SERIES which will be uploaded every Saturday. Also don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to the channel!!

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workout tips:
– visualize your target.
– keep hands up at all times.
– footwork.




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  1. like in DBZ i always had good scouting of peoples power levels
    i was never super strong or an athlete but God gave me an ability to read people lol

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