How to feed your baby or kid that has diarrhea

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Most babies and kids battle diarrhea from time to time, it’s quite common and usually it is nothing severe and goes away in 3 to 4 days. Still, it’s not fun and it is important to know how to feed your little one during those days in order to relieve and even treat diarrhea. In the video I will go through a list of “no” and “yes” foods when diarrhea occurs.

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  1. Hi how are you doing
    You say no lactose to give to our kid but how about almond milk ? My husband and my mother in law says no because it's made with milk .. I believe it's just water and almond I'm confused. The package says dairy free also

  2. my son is 22 month with diarrhea i breast feed and thats all he wants to drink he doesnt want food only breastmilk and i feel the breastmilk is making it worse

  3. i am following your recipes from one year any my son like them all,he is still not eating solids but i am satisfied that he is at least eating healthy.thanks to you

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