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I always thought that my arms weren’t strong enough to push my body weight up and down, but our #PSPfit trainer, Robbie-Ann Darby is setting the record straight. Turns out that Push-Ups are a FULL BODY workout and a CORE workout and when I engage my entire body… push-ups are totally doable!

Here’s Robbie, explaining a few push-up options for plus size girls so we can add this to our workout routine!

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. I was completely with y’all til the “healthy at every size” part. Sorry but obesity isn’t healthy. Even being overweight puts you at risk for many diseases. I’m obese myself. But I’m working on losing weight because I want to be healthy and my body deserves to be treated with respect instead of me continuing to strain and torture it. Being healthy doesn’t just mean being free of disease.

  2. i got by this video on accident, but thats not how to do pushups, elbows should be in 45 degree not 90, the way you shown does not support chest grow that much and puts huge stress on your shoulders, also on these girl pushups you are doing half a fucking rep, get atleast arms in the straight level with elbow lol and then the real pushup is not even half a fucking rep, its like 1/4 of the rep doing wrong techique, learn how to do pushup the right way and then teach it to people, thanks

  3. im in 7th grade a little but over weight i have a fitness test tomorrow with push ups im goig to practice!!! wish me luck

  4. Sorry but that’s not a push up her arms need to be at least at 90 degrees or more be she bent her arms a little bit almost anyone could do that

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