HIIT- BEST High Intensity Cardio For Fat Loss (Women Specific)

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook




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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  14. Bah i love your vids…soooo i tried this out today for the first time (not to mention my first time back at the gym, after a months 'break'), and i could only do like 5mins before feeling super nauseous! How long do you think till ill be able to do the full 20mins? Pleaseeee do get back to me!

  15. @sexychefbuff
    heyy, what would you recommend is best for burning fat to reveal abs is ? Doing something as stated above, or continue my custom step / hill jog, a long pathway of 40 steps quite large i run from top to bottom 4 times before completed nacard.. takes about 8-14 mins varying. I keep re-setting this goal, its been going on for 2 years now. i would almost get their, and let in. happened so many times..every part of my body is 'ripped' apart from stomach ! looks stupid

  16. You helped me get sexier 😉 haha yea I kept watching all your vids & subscribed & BAM . I'm what every guy wants . Thanks pa ;D muaaaahs much love baby

  17. thankyou for making a cardio vid. this was straight to the point without all the waffling on that some people do. i do this on the elliptical machine with a preset program that does aprox 2 minute intervals but i'm gonna try the 30 seconds out tomorrow.

  18. I'm 5'0. Starting weight was 184, current weight 152. Still working out, still eating healthy, still busting ass because of your videos.

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