Grow Your Own GIN Berries (Glycosmis pentaphylla)

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Gin Berry / Rum Berry taste just like Tonic water! If you can grow oranges, you can grow gin berries! Unlike oranges, this tree fruits most of the year in warmer climate! Hope you enjoy learning how to grow this citrus.

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. Uhm I thought it was the Juniper (Jenever) berries that were used to flavour Gin. The word Gin actually comes from the shortened Jenever, aka Jen. Juniper is a connifer tree with needle type leaves. So I wonder is this Gin Berry plant related somehow?

    Although the berries from both sound similiar. Except as the Gin Berry comes from the Rutaceae family, which is the citrus family consisting of all the common things like orange, grapefruit, etc; so it sounds like the berries has bit more citrus flavour then the Juniper berry. Curious to know as apparently the Glycosmis is native in Australia. Will have to see about getting some.

  2. Can a Marimo live in a plastic container, or will plastic poison the Marimo? I figured I'd ask you because you're the Marimo expert 🙂 thanks in advance.

  3. Hi!  If you've never had Gin & Tonic in a berry form, you should definitely check this out.  Hope you'll enjoy!  🙂

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