Full Body Yoga Workout: Intense Weight Loss & Strength Training for Beginners & Athletes

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Full Body Yoga Workout: Intense Weight Loss & Strength Training for Beginners & Athletes

Dena Maddie shows how to high intensity yoga workout for fat burning and muscle building that you can do at home. Great for athletes, dancers and gymnasts.

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Filmed at Atomic Athlete in Austin, Texas

Music by Scotty B

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  1. I have underestimated yoga for too long ( that's why I got injured all the time) now it helps me in track

  2. Hey Dena It's Sasu I enjoy this yoga strength training video. But, this video should help me with my running since I run a lot keep doing what you do girl, I will always love you for it.
    can I get a high five?

  3. Thanks…I now have some great new poses to do for my workout.  The only thing that made it hard to watch was you sniffling all the time.  Should have blown your nose first before the workout.

  4. I used to do almost only yoga and was super flexible, but recently I've started working out my lower body and I was surprised to notice how quickly I became less and less flexible. Even though this is just a beginners video, it helped me remember to always balance well between yoga and lifting. So thank you! =D

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  6. pretty sure yoga isn't supposed to be painful..maybe a little uncomfortable, but if you feel pain please modify!

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