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  1. With our water in Spruce Grove, Aberta, I tested the water coming out of my Berkey and I have an alkaline level at 7.6 and 8.0. I don't believe I need to add anything to my system, at least not yet. Thanks for the info.

  2. If you could stop putting your whole hand into the drinking water over and over again and shaking it off in there, that would be great !

  3. taken from an amazon review that says these are fake by testing them with an XRF Gun by Thermo Scientific:

    The white ball results (36 seconds trigger hold):
    Al: 21%
    Si: 75%
    Fe: 0.5%
    Zn: 0.1%
    Zr: 1.2%
    Nb: 0.05%
    Bi: 1.1%

    No traces of copper, magnesium and manganese. Extremely low contents of Zinc, and Iron. I cannot read calcium, sodium and Potassium. So this does not mean they are not present but from what the Gun reads for what it can see I do not feel comfortable putting these elements into my body. They may raise the PH of the water but what our XRF gun can see is not beneficial minerals.

    The mineral rock results (35 seconds trigger hold):
    Al: 14%
    Si: 81%
    Fe: 4%
    Zr: 0.09%

    Again, no copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Cannot read calcium, potassium and sodium.

    If you add up the percentages you will see that it does not equal 100%. That is because the gun cannot read all the Elements in the rocks. So there may be calcium potassium and sodium in this mineral rock but I can guarantee there are no traces of copper, magnesium and manganese.

    Conclusion. These rocks are a fake and do not work. This is a scam.

  4. Some YT has tested the water … it is not more Alkaline. The water does have more minerals. I'm thinking it may be because of the metal container. I would try putting them in Glass Container. Or go a different route …

  5. In a video from Youtube a woman says that is not good to put these stones at the bottom of the filter system, why ?

  6. i came across your video i know its old do u still use the berky and also i was planning in buying the zen countertop and i was wondring can i add these rocks on the bottom of mine it would hurt right raiseing the ph is always right good are no if so plzz right back and thank u

  7. Would it not be a better idea to put the stones in the top compartment with the filters? Rather than possibly damaging the bottom compartment and maybe small fragments from the stone or berkey entering the drinking water. These fragments would be filtered out in the top compartment and the water would still be alkiline right?

  8. The Berky company insists that they filters do not remove essential minerals from water. But they can not proof it (they can not or do non want to provide the sample reports about pH or minerals content.

  9. On the older packaging (in the video) it said to boil them, but not anymore, just rinse. And it also says to replace them after 2-3 years. Kind of wonder why no more boiling?  
    I buy them for $30 CA at a health food store.

  10. For me they did slightly, my water has a bit of a tanginess to it, the stones took that away. But otherwise they don't change the water flavor much.

  11. Right on, great video! FYI, each unit comes included with 2 Purification Elements, as a pair, they will last for 22,700 liters (6000 Gallons). Colorful Canary and I recommend using 4 elements, your Berkey will be twice as fast this way! All the best, Feel The Flow…

  12. It's great if you have safe water! You should have your drinking water tested just in case, usually helth department can offer free water testing. Conscious Water can ship worldwide (ask them for prices – link is in the description box) if you are interested. 🙂

  13. No need to hook up any plumbing, just fill the top canister. We usually fill it 2x per week and that's for 2 of us drinking the water & cooking as well.

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