Essentia Tatami Hybrid Mattress Review | What is natural memory foam? (2020 review)

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╔ About the Essentia Tatami Hybrid Mattress ╗
Essentia is a Canada-based mattress manufacturer that offers latex mattresses made from natural and organic materials. The brand currently sells seven individual models, all of which share the same thickness profile of 8″. Furthermore, all Essentia mattresses include organic-cotton covers and Dunlop latex support cores; they differ in terms of comfort layers and firmness settings.

╔ Construction╗

The Essentia Tatami hybrid is a 9.5” hybrid mattress.

The removable cover is made from organic cotton and kevlar.

The comfort layer is 1.5” of natural memory foam
Over .5” of natural latex foam.

The support core is 8” of recycled-steel coils, with a one-half inch cotton padding base.

╔ Feel╗

The Essentia Tatami comes in one firmness option — a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it a medium-firm mattress.

The natural memory foam is dense, so it feels pretty firm upon first touch. But as you rest upon the mattress, the foam warms and softens and you will sink into it. The memory foam is very conforming and it will hug your body’s contours.

The Tatami Hybrid is a very responsive mattress. The 8 inches of recycled steel coils and half-inch latex give the bed a quick bounce-back. The natural memory foam also seems to bounce back faster than other dense memory foams providing less of that “stuck feeling” traditional memory foam is known for.

╔ Support╗

With a zoned pocketed coil support system and a highly conforming comfort layer, the Tatami Hybrid keep sleepers’ midsections propped up while allowing shoulders and hips to sink down more. This makes for solid support across all sleeper weights.

╔ Motion Isolation╗

We felt some motion whenever we had a second person on the mattress tossing and turning. As we mentioned, this is a responsive bed and the coils and the latex make this a bouncy bed. That said, the one and a half inches of memory foam did absorb some motion preventing it from being too disruptive.

╔Edge Support╗

Hybrid beds are known for having good edge support, and the Tatami hybrid is no different.

There is some sinkage while sitting along the edge of the bed and even some while lying close to the edge. But the comfort layers are only 2 inches thick, so after that initial sink you will be immediately propped up by the 8 inches of recycled steel coils.

╔Pressure Relief╗

Our testing found that the Tatami Hybrid offers adequate pressure relief across all sleeper types and weights.

╔Temperature Neutrality╗

Though this bed features memory foam in the comfort layer, which is known to trap heat, we found the Tatami Hybrid stayed fairly cool throughout the night.

And the 8 inches of coils allow for a lot of airflow to keep the foam and mattress at a cool, even temperature.

Tuck’s Essentia Tatami Hybrid mattress recommendations:

+ You have a larger shopping budget, as most Essentia models have above-average price-points
+ You tend to sleep hot
+ You and/or your sleep partner awaken easily due to movement or noise
+ You want a mattress that is considered organic and eco-friendly

The Essentia Tatami Hybrid mattress is not recommended for:

– Sleepers that prefer a memory foam feel
– Sleepers on a budget
– Sleepers who prefer a mattress that comes in multiple firmness options


Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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Essentia Health was formed in 2004, as the parent company of the partnership between the Benedictine Health System and St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System (SMDC). Essentia Health acquired Dakota Clinic/Innovis Health in January 2008. In 2010, Essentia Health integrated the resources of all of its member organizations – SMDC Health System, Innovis Health, Brainerd Lakes Health, Essentia Community Hospitals and Clinics, and Essentia Institute of Rural Health – and united them under the one name, Essentia Health.

Essentia Health has more than two dozen Catholic-sponsored clinics, hospitals, and other facilities. The roots of Essentia’s Catholic facilities trace back to a group of Benedictine nuns who established St. Mary’s Hospital, Essentia Health’s oldest hospital, in Duluth in 1888.

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  1. Thanks for the information love the combo of materials. This would be to firm for me since Im a heavy side sleeper. ❤

  2. Never heard of this one. I do like that its latex. I not really sure that their is not much actual padding on the bed and its mostly springs. I am not sure why so many mattress companies are asking so much money for a few inches of Actual mattress< I mean at the end of the day you probably better off buying a really cheap normal bed and then spend a couple hundred of a memory foam topper and you would still get more comfort layers then some of these bed nowadays and spend a lot less money. I guess this is a good choice for some but for me it seems like I would be sleeping mainly on springs. But at the price I guess it would be worth the try and return it if it doesn't work out. Thanks Tuck for another informative video. you really make it easier navigating the vast seas of the bed

  3. This bed sounds amazing!!! 3 favorite thing I heard was it's recicaled materials and natural. Number 2 is the edge is fairly firm to make it easier to get out of bed 🙂 and number 3 it's recommended for average and heavy wight sleepers with is me and my boyfriend. 🙂

  4. Love that tuck shows 'spine support' for the different weight sleepers
    not sure the essentia tatami hybrid's spine support is good enough for heavy sleepers

  5. Never heard of this bed but it sounds interesting. I like the memory foam and latex combo but i wish it had more inches of comfort layers. I’m a side sleeper and would like a softer bed for pressure relief

  6. I really like hybrids for their firmness and durability. This one sounds great with only a 2in memory and latex comfort layer. It offers the best of both worlds. I don't like to sink into a mattress so it's perfect. I also love that it uses recycled materials for the springs and that it's eco friendly! I've never heard of this mattress before but it's now on my radar as a good option! Thanks!

  7. I like the feeling of hybrid mattresses that have combo of durable latex and pressure relieving and low motion transfer memory foam. The comfort layer seems a bit low in inches. With only .5 latex I wouldn’t call this a latex hybrid mattress.

  8. This mattress seems very well constructed. The firmness level is a little too much for me otherwise it’s priced in the range it should be for this type of mattress.

  9. I like that the mattress uses 8" coils and latex so you know it won't get too hot, plus for being a very eco-friendly mattress its not too pricy. I also like that in all your videos you ask the people testing the mattresses what they're thoughts were of them.

  10. Looks interesting except the problem with memory foam is heat retention and with a bad back I do like the pocketed coil base however. I will do some further research.

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