Dietitian Reviews FOOD COMBINING DIET with Kenzie Burke Health for Weight Loss

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In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, I am discussing the major claims around food combining by reviewing one a video by YouTuber Kenzie Burke.

The rules around food combining suggest that you should eat some foods together and other separately.

I take you through a brief anatomy class to discuss our digestive system. Instead of Kenzie’s one way street analogy, I describe our digestive tract as more like a massive six lane highway.

I could not find any evidence to support that our digestive system uses 80-90% of our energy, and realistically that sounds a little crazy.

We don’t want our food to pass right through us and instead we want it to take longer to increase our satiety and maintain steady blood sugar levels.

All of the benefits that Kenzie mentions have nothing to do with food combining and have more to do with other lifestyle changes like staying hydrated, being physically active, eating throughout the day and managing stress and sleep.

There is no evidence that eating alkaline, acidic or neutral foods can significantly change the pH of your digestive tract.

When it comes to weight loss, there has only been one study to look at food combining and weight loss, and while they lost weight, the food combining diet offered no benefit over a balanced healthy diet.

I am concerned, because a lot of what Kenzie says reminds her of orthorexia behaviour.

Another important note is that even though she’s a health coach, she is not licensed by a higher body which gives her a huge amount of influence over her followers with very little credibility.

There are incidences when food combining is effective, like combining vitamin C with iron foods to increase the iron absorption, eating fat with fat soluble vitamins and combining carbs and protein or fat before or after a workout or to stabilize blood sugar levels.

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Kenzie does what works for HER body….why do y’all care so much? If you don’t like what she’s saying don’t listen to her or follow her

  2. I’d love to see a review of Stephanie Buttermore’s recent diet changes whenever she posts them. She’s going from a restricted diet with “cheat days” to going “all in” and trying to gain weight. She’s mentioned (sort of) that it’s due to some disordered eating but I’m also super interested on your take bc her whole deal is being evidenced based in her fitness and diet.

  3. Thank you for the suggestions on food combinations at the end! Would you be okay to have a video about nutrition for those with PCOS? Or what you think about a low GI/GL diet?

  4. I food combine every day lol, I literally just posted a food combining what I eat in a day. If you’re eating healthy nutritious foods with no after bloat what’s the big deal? Sheesh

  5. Also I just have to say…you based everything off of one video of hers. did you read the reset? it is not restricting AT ALL! I ate more on her reset than I have in my whole life and never felt better. you also did no research on Kenzie to know she has lymes disease and after years came out of it by healing herself through her food after years in and out of the doctors office. she does nothing to try to spread positivity and light in the world. again, you are only using her name for clout. go after dr mona or Kimberly snider but you wouldn't because they are not trending names and you wouldn't get as many views if you did not put Kenzies name in the video. Kenzie handled your hate and your response to her in such a mature way therefor Kenzie will outgrow you times 10000 in no time. she uplifts woman while you tear them down. if your husband believed in god and you didn't would you make a video about him?

  6. Thank you doing this video!! This is a delusional diet with no scientific information to back it up. I almost got sucked into it until I thought about the digestive side and how suss it sounded.

  7. This diet sounds like so much hocus pocus BS. Seriously. Where do people think up this nonsense.

  8. I adore you Abbey, but I can barely hear you 😔 Can your editor please fix this? I look forward to your videos probably more than other creators bc you are a no BS mama ❤️

  9. Everyone is talking crap about Kenzie and everything but I have been doing this for a month and it has helped me a ton. I haven’t gone to the bathroom normally for years I legit never pooped tried a million diff things and this worked. I would go to bed wayyyy bigger than when I woke up “morning skinny” is how I go to bed now that’s just my body. I am no longer bloated throughout my day AT ALL. It has given me more energy I’m never hot anymore I feel good no bloat go to the bathroom regularly I could go on. There’s a way to educate someone but your being a bitch and same w everyone in the comments. Bet if u tried it you would love it like the thousandsss of others

  10. This is incredibly childish. I'm just a normal girl who tried food combining and I've had stomach pains and bloating since I was a small child. I've seen so much change and feel so much better. You have your followers talking bad about her and how much she "doesn't" know but you seem to know everything. Why not respect others' beliefs?? How about you try it before talking shit?

  11. Alisha Marie
    recently did a what I ate in a day and I would love to see your reaction to it! thx love your channel

  12. Although I appreciate your video because I think it’s GREAT to have two sides to things to people can make their own decisions I did feel the need to just comment here and relay my experience. I have been STRUGGLING with digestive issues for years. Now when I say struggling I mean constant pain, extreme bloating to the point I looked uncomfortable just doing day to day activities and felt horrible. I was always an athlete and ate healthy. I have never suffered from an eating disorder. After years of gastrointestinal tests, ultra sounds and numerous other medical testing the doctors could find nothing wrong with me but it was clear I was in some sort of gastrointestinal distress. One doctor suggested a diet change and we together worked through a meatless diet. The issues seemed to subside a bit but never fully disappeared. It wasn’t until I went to another specialist where they suggested food combining. I had no clue what they was but I reached out to a friend of mine who is a dietician and had been helping me in my process to seek some answers on the topic. She stated that everything works differently for people and to give it a go and see if it helps. As long as I am maintaining a well balanced HEALTHY diet there shouldn’t be an issue with attempting this since it also came recommended from a top gastrointestinal surgeon in Boston. I did my research and found Kenzie’s program. I did the 21 day reset and for the past few months have NEVER felt better. I’m talking FEEL not looks. Now I am a very “why not” type of person so for the past few weeks I have been doing normal summer 27 year old activities and saying why not to a lot of things and have fallen off the healthy wagon in all honesty. Low and behold my issues have all returned in full force and I have been miserable. Up all night with stomach cramping, looking like I’m 8 months pregnant, tired and lethargic, headaches basically everything I felt before. To me that’s a direct correlation. I’m not saying that it will and does work for everyone. She may not be a dietitian but she did get a license and she does practice what she preaches which in my opinion is a lot more than a lot of other “influencers” out there do. I think people are confusing her body for her message. Yes she has a body a lot of us would dream to have but that isn’t a reason to bully her and make her feel like she’s promoting eating disorders. If you actually follow her she works out vigorously – would you bash a fitness model on their body if they told you what they ate to get to that point? I think some of the language she uses to explain things isn’t the most scientific but it works. Believe it or not her lifestyle actually works for those it’s supposed to work for. If KETO and Akins and WW and South Beach are all okay for society why wouldn’t a program that promotes HEALTHY BALANCED eating be okay? She’s not telling you to eat a grape for breakfast. I eat more on her program than I did as a 12 season athlete. That to me says a lot. I think everyone has their hustle in the world. She loves what she does and yes she’s the typical LA girl but as a person who is super cautious about what I try since most things I try end up making my issues worse I can say it works for me. If you do your homework, ask your doctors, contact a real dietician like I did I think you’ll find that her program actually is a long term sustainable and healthy lifestyle if you put the right energy and mind set to it. I don’t think my circle of specialists would have approved if it wasn’t. And yes my stomach was flatter after the few months I did the program but that’s not what she’s promoting. She’s promoting a life with out feeling bloated every second of your life. Honestly I didn’t even realize how bloated I was until I changed my life with her program. I think people are confusing her flat stomach with “she’s promoting flat skinny stomachs” no she’s promoting feeling good digestively and honestly I’m here for it.

  13. I love when Kenzie talks about research yet there’s not one single peer reviewed research article that supports food combining lmao. Like girl Google isn’t research…..

  14. This reminds me of old medieval alchemical medical/nutritional/pharmaceutical theory. I want her opinions on pears poached in wine and honey for dessert.

  15. Maybe I’m stupid for even thinking about her 21 day diet….. but I just want to thank you for not letting me crawl into that bandwagon!

  16. I was waiting for someone to call this out. The first thing I did when I heard about fc I checked to see if it was backed by a doctor and to see if any actual dietitians/nutritionists had an opinion. Sick of people going on these fad diets and pushing on people. Glad someone said something. And her thought on “detox” tea…iyiyi

  17. OMG THANK YOU! This was amazing. You did a great job of not completely laughing in her face. I have been baffled by this insane trend. Thank you for clearing it all up.

  18. I know it wasn’t specifically mentioned but I’d also like to point out most of the influencers doing this diet and being “successful” have a schedule that allows they unlimited time to work out, get enough sleep, and be health minded. I always found it hard to believe that “food combining” was the one thing they changed that did if for them. It’s a glorified restrictive diet that works because you’re forcing people to eat more low calorie food

  19. You can dislike this but it worked for me . I don't follow kenzie , but dr Mona promote it too (just ~ 2 rules : fruits alone , proteins and starches not together) and it has helped my bloating so much

  20. the worst thing about this is that there are SO MANY youtubers getting this plan and adhering to it… and all these girls have kinda the same demographic (teens – young adults) .. like legit almost every youtuber I like to watch is using this plan and eating the same bread

  21. Shame on you for belittling Kenzie. She is TRYING to help other people with there bodies who feel insecure and want to change the way they eat. She is not promoting eating disorders AT ALL. Yall are just to naive to make a change in YOUR life. Most of these people commenting right now are either OBESE or STRUGGLING with there own insecurities about there body, y’all are probably built like a mf refrigerator. Most of yall are BRAINWASHED into thinking fast foods and all these PROCESSED foods are actually doing yall justice. Kenzie is promoting a clean and healthy lifestyle. For example, go look in yalls kitchen and look at everything you have (food wise) and look at the ingreidients and see how BAD it is. Words you cant even pronounce. WAKE UPPPPPPPPP. STAY WOKE AND STOP PUTTING UNECESSARY CRAP INTO YOUR OWN BODY.

  22. i’m sorry but who in their right mind would ever spend $45 on a 75 page e-book?? for that price it better do my laundry and pay my bills.

  23. So I don’t understand why people can’t mind their own business like they already were…? She is saying what she thinks is best for HERSELF and introducing to others what she does. If you don’t wanna do that then move the fuck on and don’t follow her. There’s no need to bring her down and try and ruin her

  24. woww, was so close to buying the reset. Goes to show that you shouldn't always take things at face value. I'm so happy I watched this

  25. I like Kenzie’s personality and I watch her videos. She inspires me to eat more raw, whole foods, however I have been wary of food combining and would probably never follow it. As someone who is not an expert whatsoever, I’m moreso concerned about whether this diet is harmful or restrictive for other young girls. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  26. This is shocking and I’m glad you have given your professional knowledge. I’ve been watching Kenzie Burke food combing diet videos and I wanted to try it but i wanted to find more information if this is a good diet so that’s how I came across this video. But I also came across Dr Mona Vand and she also has a couple videos on food combing and she says she follows it 70-80% can you do a review on dr Mona Vand channel. Ik you’re probably sick of hearing food combing but I feel like many people like me still have hope for food combing and it’s important to bring more attention to this topic if some girls really believe people like Kenzie Burke and dr Mona Vand, if it is really not good

  27. Omg your channel reminds me of the old freelee the banana girl when she used to make videos about people for the way they ate, lol!! Yikes. 🙃

  28. Kenzie Burke is constantly promoting for her followers to do "what makes them feel good". She shares what she does, people try it, and they are feeling better!!!! To completely bash someone for helping others eat healthier is ridiculous. I can't believe the amount of hurtful comments there are on this video. This lifestyle is not promoting any obsessive eating related to anorexia, it is simply teaching people how to eat a healthier diet and from there, they can adjust and discover what makes them feel their best. If you read her Instagram captions, you could see she is trying to promote positivity.

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