Day 29: 1 month weight loss challenge | 4X வேகமாக weight loss while walking

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

Hi friends,
Today’s video is on a simple trick that you can add to your walking routine that will burn 4X times more calories வேகமாக than your regular walking.

Walking has immense benefits. It is good for the bones and cardiovascular system.
It reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.
Walking with weights burns 4 times more caloris. Walking in an empty stomach burns 2x calories.
Walking is a lower body workout. Weights is an upper body workout.
Carrying weights and walking will give you a total body workout.

Please watch my channel for other videos on how I lost my weight, my weight loss journey, how I maintain my weight, walking for weight loss, low-carb recipes, keto, intermittent fasting, workouts, and other indian diet chart/indian diet plans that you can follow and that works when it comes to losing weight. All these weight loss videos are in Tamil.

I hope the weight loss tips in tamil would help you in your weight loss journey. Keep rocking and do not give up.

Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Ippodhaan unga video paathan….enaku ungala romba pidichidiche sis….seakramea neanga youtube la periya aal aga vazhthukal sister….

  2. Hi sister, Your videos are very nice. I like Zumba dance . There is no feeling that I do exercises while doing Zumba.

  3. Nan unga dietta fallow panren gluten free diet na enna nu sollunga pls intermittent diet irukkum bothu thyroid tablet yeduthukalaama mam

  4. Hii… this is sumathi saravanan.. morning hot water..
    10:00 am ku butter tea… 1:00 pm ku vendakkai poriyal 1 cup rice thoothuvalai rasam..for cold evening tea… Nit ku panneer idly with mushroom & capsicum gravy…but weight 2 kg kammi aagi irrunthuchu… Ipoo marupadium 2 kg koodi irruku… So inimel cheating illama fasting try pannanum…. thanks for your tips

  5. Akka it’s nice. Please share video for workouts during winter. As we are heading winter could not go out for walking.

    Please share tips how can we weight loss during that time

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