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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Day 28 comlpeted 1 hr walking 30 mts excerise 430 count skipping and intermittet fasting ithalam pnaunalum enkau wt loss agala nit dinner ragi kanji

  2. Sis today video illaiya sis. Weight 60's la iruntha late aagum ma sis weight kuraiya. Nanum correct ellam follow pandren but one month la 2.1 kg than reduce aayuruku wats is the reason sis??

  3. Sis nanum one month a rmpa diet and workout lam pnaunan wt loss a agala i feel badly sister nenga sna ellathaium try panunan bt loss agaave.ila light a lose ayeruchu bt wt loss agala enkau rmpa kastama eruku ivalo try panium result kadikala sis

  4. Hai madam i am stella. Unka weight loss video parthu naan 10 kg kammi panni erukean. I am very happy. Because i am a women police. Work tension la diet control panna mutiyathunnu solluvanka. But unkaloda weight loss tip follow panni naan 73 kg la erunthu 63 kg reduice panni erukean. Eanakku neenga oru angel 👸mathiri therieiringa. Thankyou so mush madam. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. En anna engagement la nan kunda iruntan ellam ena enna ipadi iruka nu kedanka but unka video patu aparam weight reduce panidan marriage ku ena patudu apo sonavanka elam elacidanu very happy Sister thank you

  6. Super mam..ennoda commentku value panni video potathuku romba thanks mam..nanum join pannirken mam..nanum mathavngala mathiri weight loss pannitu comment pandrn mam..nanum daily activitiesa previous videos la comment pannuven ma ..pls mam athulalam like will motivate me😍😍

  7. Hi akka day 26complite akka mrng 2dosa lunch jeera rice paruppu nit fasting 1hr walking skipping 250 count eve off glass coffee

  8. Mam I am following ur challenge from the first day.i happily share that I lost 4kgs still now.i hopefully continue this challenge until I reach my ideal weight .thank u

  9. Ha ha today also I done my diet and skipping. Thankyou so so much pa. From 85 to 68 . I think you remember I use to share my weight frequently. I stared from January pa. Only through your motivation.

  10. Hi nila, h r u? From last 20th I joined ur weight loss challenge, today it's sep 14. My last weight was 69, but now I'm 65.. really I'm proud of myself.. but from the mistake I done was, not doing proper exercise.. because I have two girls kids like ur kids in the same age.. doing housework and maintaining them I'm getting tired and not interested in doing exercise.. so lethergic.. any idea from ur side?

  11. Hi mam
    Today I completed my 27th day challenge. Today I am not able to do exercise.
    But I follow the diet.
    I totally reduced 8kgs within 2 months mam.
    Thanks for your motivation mam.

  12. Day 27 completed successfully, walking 1 hour and excercise 10 minutes,. Diet also completed successfully. Today tried ACV drink in empty stomach pasikavey illa craving avoid pannuchu. Ungalala because of your motivation yoga , EXCERCISE, Zumba walk, strength training lam try panniruken. Day full ah very energetic ah iruku. First lam romba tried ah irukum entha vellai seinchalum. Ippa brisk ah active va iruken. Very thankyou sis

  13. Day 20th completed mrg jeera water break fast idly 11oclock mor 12. 15 lunch chocho kutu poriyal keerai 3oclock tea and nit gothumai ravai pongal 7 o'clock exercise mrg and evening panuren skipping also mrg 100 evening 100