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Dallas Medical Weight Loss Review Rosario – Dr. Cherkassky 469-434-3380

Dallas Medical Weight Loss Review Rosario - Dr. Cherkassky 469-434-3380

Best Dallas Medical Weight Loss Program –…
Dallas TX Medical Weight Loss – Call Dr. Cherkassky 469-434-3380

Dr. Michael Cherkassky is a Dallas weight loss doctor that specializes in medical weight loss. Dr. Cherkassky has helped many patients in Dallas lose weight without surgical procedures. In this interview, a patient discusses her experiences and success with the medical weight loss program.

My name is Rosario, and I am from Fort Worth. I started this weight loss program three months ago. I’m so, so happy. I was 189 pounds, now, I weight 162 lbs.

I feel healthy, happy and my stress is gone. Yes, it’s a good experience to be here with the doctor. Before I came here, I tried everything to lose weight. Pills, I had a big box of pills because I wanted to try. Some made me nervous; some just didn’t work, some don’t do anything at all. Here, I got my diet plan from the doctor. I followed the diet, and everything is perfect.

The first time I came to the weight loss clinic, they were nice. The first time, I did not know if it was going to work or not. I came in scared. Later on, they were so polite when I came in. They made me feel comfortable. They gave me a little cookie, or they asked me for potato chips or something so they could help me with my snacking. When I get out, I tried my chips in the car, and I say, "No, it doesn’t taste good. Why do they burn on my tongue?" Then I said, "Oh, this is the right place. It works." [laughs] Yes, it works.

They check your body, your heart, your lungs. Some places you go and they, "Oh, come back every month." Here at this clinic, they told me, "You don’t feel right, give us a call." They called me. The first week, they called me. "Everything is okay? Do you feel good? Any problem?" I say, "No." They are fantastic people. I feel so different than when I first started the program. Before when I would go up the stairs, it was hard. I try to do the stairs once or twice a day because when I go shopping I get a bunch of things and I don’t want to come back and climb the stairs again.

Now, I can go up and down many times. I feel healthy. The doctor says everything is okay. My heart and blood pressure are much better now. My primary doctor says I am in much better shape now. I get the calls from the office now, and I feel like coming back. [laughs] It’s a lot different. This makes me feel better, happy. I am working with people at the church now. I help everybody because I feel like I can do it.

On Sunday, I get a free meal on the diet plan. I eat whatever I want. I can go to the restaurant, and the doctor says, "Sunday is yours." Okay, but I take care. When I follow the program, I lose weight. When I don’t follow it, I don’t lose weight. Slowly, slowly. Before, you know the problems and the weight are gone. Before, I do this one diet, and I follow it for one week, and then I try another diet again next week. I want something, and I say, "No, I have to follow." This one, no. The doctor gives you the medicine. The first time is hard because you are always eating and wanting junk food. The first week is a little hard, but you do it. The next week is easy one like 100%. The next one is 90%, the next one is 80%, then your desire goes down, down, down, down until you didn’t want it.

Now, when they give me Sopa or Gordita, I say, "No." I eat one bite, but I don’t feel good. My stomach doesn’t want it. That is the big point. When your body gets it, it’s like a transformation for your body. When you get it, it’s easy. It’s easy. Only you need to follow, and you don’t go back because you say, "Okay. If I go back, I will gain a lot of weight." Your stomach just doesn’t let you go back.

To learn more about the medical weight loss program and why Dr. Michael Cherkassky is considered by many to be the most trusted and respected weight loss doctor in Dallas, call his office today for a weight loss consultation at 469-434-3380.

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Michael Cherkassky, M.D. 12850 Spurling Road, Suite #110 Dallas TX, 75230 469-434-3380

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