Complete Workout Guide for Beginners. Beginner’s Guide to Gym.
Workout tips for beginners. Gym tips.

Let’s talk about some very important workout tips that will help you achieve great results in a short period of time.

If you are planning to join a gym or have just started working out, I would suggest you to watch this video till the end because this video may serve as a complete workout guide for you.

00:35 – Workout for beginners Tip#1 – Never Skip Warm Up

5 minute warm up

01:06 – Workout for beginners Tip#2 – Do Not Overtrain Your Body
01:47 – Workout for beginners Tip#3 – Drink water while working out
02:07 – Workout for beginners Tip#4 – Focus on compound movements
02:42 – Workout for beginners Tip #5 – Train each muscle group just once a week
03:12 – Workout for beginners Tip#6 – Practice correct breathing technique
03:46 – Workout for beginners Tip#7 – Don’t overdo cardio
04:12 – Workout for beginners Tip#8 – Never skip cool down after working out

5 minute cool down

04:39 – Workout for beginners Tip#9 – Concentrate on proper form
05:02 – Workout for beginners Tip#10 – Keep changing your workouts every now and then
05:28 – Workout for beginners Tip# 11 – Diet is the deciding factor
06:14 – Workout for beginners Tip#12 – Do not depend on supplements

Homemade Mass gainer recipe:

Homemade Fat burner recipe:

06:48 – Workout for beginners Tip#13 – Understand the importance of rest.
07:19 – Workout for beginners Tip#14 – Results take time. Have patience.
07:48 – Workout for beginners Tip#15 – Be consistent

So friends, these were some of the tips that I wanted to share with you out of my experience and my learning.

I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did, please do



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  1. Being an Orthopedic and Sports specialised Physiotherapist ,I truly appreciate your efforts and knowledge in the field of workout and fitness. Superb and authentic content, one of the most knowledgeable and honest YouTuber have come across , keep it up and all the best.

  2. Can you make a video on weekly workout plan along with examples…it would be very helpful for whomever is doing workouts wrongly

  3. Bro plz give us comparison or best Front load washing machine as if u have given a lot of other cosmetic n other products.. kindly do for all of us…

  4. Hi Vivek. Wonderful video. Can you also make a video on gym workouts day wise, with correct forms / techniques. I believe many of us will be benefitted.
    In today's time many of us don't know the exact form to follow as a result injury happens and one keeps away from gym.

  5. Hi Vivek, I know in this video you are encouraging for gym, but would you please make a video on loosing weight through yoga? Not everyone can go to gym regularly but can do yoga at home , if possible please make a video on it or at least reply how through yoga and asanas along with healthy food weight loss can be achieved thanks

  6. Hi buddy, ur videos are outstanding and so encouraging!!! Please make videos on how to be motivated and consistent, cos we tend to get bored and life becomes monotonous. Smtimes we don’t feel like exercising so on those days Wat sud we do to stay on track

  7. Hey fit tuber till what period of time we beginner?? Should we do full one year only compound movements in gym??

  8. BS kitchen recipe and meaningless crowd pleasure videos many viewers but life changing most useful videos no viewers.. Why people just turn their eyes and ears away from health and nutrition these days.. These are the decades where it is is most important in environment not so nutrition and health friendly