Cardio Workout to Lose Belly Fat – Home Workout

Get sweaty and burn fat in no time with this cardio workout routine. …
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  1. Hi, I am enjoying your 30 day series but would you check some of your links here to the other days on the plan: they are deleted. Thanks

  2. I'm going to try the 4 week program because i gained 2 kilos in a week lifting and eating good fats and carbs😠I didn't want to gain I wanted to lose fat and gain lean muscle… I think i better lose the fat first no?

  3. What's better doing the same routine every day for a while or do a different routine everyday ? because all your videos are just great

  4. SMH at the whiners complaining about her heavy breathing. I found this a good routine, perfect for something quick & not exhausting. And the presenter was just right as well – keeping up reminders, encouragement, and an unforced smile the whole time without getting either too perky or drill-sergeanty on us. Would like to see her again, GymRa.

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