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The best protein powder for muscle building in India is the one you make an educated decision about.
Super special (and highly requested) video today, all about protein shakes and protein powders in India. The most common fitness and bodybuilding related doubts i get are always about protein shakes or gym supplements or powders or my opinion on a certain bodybuilding product. That’s why i’ve decided to launch this video today! Don’t be reliant on me, or any fitness expert when it comes to your Indian protein powder related doubts! Choose a protein supplement in India, yourself, making an educated decision!

Whey protein is a great bodybuilding and gymming supplement. I personally feel that both men and women, especially Indians should be making full use of its availability in the market!

I bring you ” How to choose a protein powder in India ” – My top 3 tips on how to select a protein shake. Gymming is an art form in which proteins are a necessity in my opinion. How to choose the right whey protein is not a skill, its a simple art. Gym supplements are another matter though. Don’t go on to that bandwagon. But as far as protein shakes are concerned, this is the ultimate how to choose the right protein powder video you need. Protein shake india style. I bring you, ” How to choose whey protein supplements ”

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. Watching in 2019,
    I used to be 42 Kg in November 2018 and now on August 3 2019 I'm 60 Kg and now I'm planning to go for protein shake.
    Informative video but now "muscleblaze" and "as it is" have beginners protein in ₹1200 kg.

  2. Thanks a ton. These videos are very helpful. I'm going to go with Olena this time around and see how that works. 🙂

  3. you should actually study this before preaching…its very sad that people like you who have such a wide audience dont do the research. please visit clean label project to understand the powders that are actually safe. they have tested over 150 major brands and have found heavy levels of toxic rubbish like LEAD ARSENIC and BPA'S in the powder which in the long term can cause serious health issues. please check it out and educate the public so that they can lead healthier lives and so will you.

  4. The one thing comes in my mind is if it contains sucralose or not…coz it's very dangerous it is about 600 times more sweet thn the regular sugar tht we use and it's not natural too …. People don't know much about it …but it's the main reason behind a lot of health issues …so beware of this sucralose content. Check before buying …✌️

  5. East or West egg is best! Less than 1rs per gram of protein! 8eggs a day cost gives 52g of protein for ₹40/day and just 2400 for 2 whole months…it's 700 calories mind it and it also have good amount of biotin for beautiful skin hair and nail! Eat 2 per meal! Keep your total calories intake in check ie. take same amount of calories if you want to maintain weight 500less if want to loss and 500more if you want to gain! Take multivitamin and mineral table it cost just 320 for 2 months as well,

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