Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss & Fat Burning 40 Minute Meltdown Workout!

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Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss & Fat Burning 40 Minute Meltdown Workout!

Cindie Corbin is Certified Yoga Teacher and teaches Yoga in Austin, Tx.

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. I definetly broke a sweat but felt frustraded because could not do most of the flow, it is kind of intermediate/advanced… I am a begginer

  2. I'm looking to become a yoga teacher and you're absolutely one of my top 5 favorite youtube yoga teachers, if I was in Texas I'd be at so many of your classes. I absolutely love your teaching style and it's been cool to see you expand and change throughout your videos. I feel in your later ones you have even more understanding and a more grounded way of teaching, but still I've benefited from every one of your videos and enjoy them all! I love how smoothly and easily you explain details of each pose that really help me to get the best possible stretch. I also love when you add comments that really remind your pupils to be grateful, in the moment, and aware of their breath. "How you breathe is how you feel!" Stuff like that often sticks with me throughout the rest of my practice and day. You have such a strong, kind, and fun personality that shines through in your videos; it reminds me to enjoy my own practice and to have fun!
    The only thing I noticed in this video that I would have preferred if you did not do, was mentioning for us to comment on certain things. At the end or more preferred beginning of the video, mentioning for us to comment our intentions or whatever we may like to say would have been a better time in my opinion. Why I would prefer you to mention it not in the practice is because it distracts my mind from focusing on my body, breath, and overall feel. Instead I begin to start thinking about writing a comment, "Oh wow I have so much I could comment… this and this… and I wonder how many people comment and do that… if I set up a channel… STOP BRAIN!!! THE PRACTICE!!!"
    You dig? 🙂
    Thanks for another great video!! Love your hair, smile, and new tats!!! 🙂

  3. wonderful video, it´s one of my favorits. I always feel much more comfortable in my body after doing it. The Leader is so sympathical, good calming music and great exercises.

  4. One of my favorite videos I have practiced on this channel. I do yoga almost every day and I did not think this was easy, so awesome job 🙂

  5. Cindie,
    I wanted to thank you for this. I am definitely a beginner and couldn't find anything local in the area, although I have been interested in yoga for a while now. I was leery of trying it on my own, but all the beginner's classes around here are right in the middle of my work day, or only work on one pose every few weeks. I have been out of shape for quite some time. Some things are a bit tougher than others. I guess with my background some things are a little bit easier for me. breathing, for instance. At first I didn't understand how important the breathing techniques are, so I had to look that up. I tried this same youtube vid for the first time on the 27th. I made it less than 20 min in. Today I came back and got through the entire thing, and I must say – I'm stoked! I can't wait until I am flexible to do it all properly. My biggest struggle right now is with the "scorpion tail."

    Thank you.

  6. Hi! I love this yoga series, but the stretches at 42 minutes hurt my knees. Any alternatives you can recommend?

  7. Cindi, you are my favorite !!! since the first time i did the yoga class i feel a lot better ! i am following all your clases. THANK YOU A LOT ! Vicky

  8. I didn't know should i comment on this or other, but since this video is recently released i'm going to ask you here. I love to workout but i would love to do yoga after or before but i don't know if it's good. Should i on workour one day and on other do yoga or is it posible to do it bouth? It doesnt need to be 40 min yoga, it can be 15/20 min streaching routine.

  9. loving this vid! really getting sweaty
    is it normal that feeling pain on the lower part of the palms and sore on the wrists while doing downward facing dog? if not how to make it better?
    and i cant jump forward correctly from down dog, knees always go aside not between two arms, or hit the elbows sometimes. how to jump well and keep knees in the right place?
    thanks for the great vid again~

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  11. Any tips for those of us with weak wrists? All of those downward facing down poses were killer on my wrists. :-/ Should I just wrap them?

  12. I love Cindie's yoga videos — especially the 40 minute meltdown!  Her verbal cues are so helpful and really make a difference in getting the most out of each position.  Her encouraging comments will keep you going just when you feel like giving up.

  13. Not as easy as I've expected… I was looking for beginners yoga and this is a bit advanced for me but as promised it's fun.

  14. Usually love Cindie's videos but this was a bummer, too slow, yet not challenging enough to count as a Yin practice.

  15. I must be extreme beginner because I had a hard time with this and I had to stop 15 minutes in.. I am a 6'1 female and I'm about 70lbs overweight.. I don't think my scrawny muscles or my wrists like all that extra fat… 🙁

  16. @Cindie Corbin you're a very encouraging instructor! I like the way you make everything sound so doable. Your aura is that of a person who loves and respects her body in a way that's not narcissistic. Please keep on doing these videos! You'd help a lot of people by doing so. 🙂

  17. Really excellent teacher, you're terrific! All the best and please, carry on 🙂   (sorry if I did mistakes, I'm french and I lost a bit of my english 🙂  )

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