Before and after Weight loss inspiration for women

In this 2 minute video I show you my transformation from a size 12/14 to a 4/6. Im 51 yrs old and my weight has been an issue most of my life. As I got older, especially over 40, I just seemed to gain more and more weight and had no idea how to stop it. I started to simply accept it. Thats when I knew I had to get serious with myself. I hope this short transformation of before and after pictures helps someone.

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. I enjoying watching your videos. This one was very inspiring. I have a long way to go but I’ll get there. One of your other videos that I watched you said you need to learn to love your kitchen again! That really hit me. I say it to myself now all the time. Thank you.

  2. Such an inspiring video. I just can’t believe that was you. You have certainly come a long way_~~~Sandy

  3. You are so inspiring and I love you and your channel! You look sexy hot and I love your new style and confidence! You wear it well. Thank you for doing you😁

  4. You truly inspire me and love love your honesty and content. Ty for all you share and do to support all of us. ❀️

  5. Nice very inspirational and very moving. Im going to take more photos so i can see the changes happening. Thankyou forsharing.

  6. Thanks for being so honest. I have lost a lot of weight but hated getting my picture taken; getting better but hard to look at old pictures.

  7. Woo-hoo!!! LOVE IT, Barrett this is a fast, fun record of your success! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜―

  8. GIRL! POWERFUL! I see myself in every picture! Thank you so much! The ending where is says Accepting me — OMG tears! Love you!

  9. You look like a different person! Especially in the face! This was so touching. I will save this for inspiration. Brought me to tears when the changes started, seriously! Totally know how it feels and want to get there so badly. You are so inspiring!

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