Beach Body Yoga For Beginners, Easy 20 Minute Workout for Body Toning and Weight Loss

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Beach Body Yoga For Beginners, Easy 20 Minute Workout for Body Toning and Weight Loss

Tessa Canzona gives a 20 minute yoga workout to help tone your body so you great on the beach and in the Bikini!

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. I loved this workout! I feel amazing and this is gonna get me bikini ready for my trip to Aruba! Also I love the little treble clef statue in the background!

  2. I used to do yoga 43 years ago, long before it was really popular. But, after 4 decades I have forgotten a lot. This young woman is a great teacher and great for refreshing my memory for yoga. Thank you Tessa? Already things are coming back to me!

  3. This was a wonderful video! I really enjoyed doing this workout and thank you for the explanations and details of each pose. I really appreciate it 🙂 I felt so calm and relaxed when I was done lol. Looking forward to more beginner's yoga!

  4. Will it help me lose weight. I hv 5 extra kilos on me which I want to get rid off and I absolutely hate hardcore cardio and intense gym workouts. I love doing yoga and I just did your video. I love it and I hope I lose my extra weight with this. So if you could tell me will this help me lose weight? If not do you hv any video particularly for weight loss? Thank you in advance. Again awesome video. ….loved doing this flow

  5. Thanks for an awesome video! Not taking gym this year, and I love yoga, so your videos are perfect for relaxing and keeping in shape! Lots of love!

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