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Beach Balancing Yoga Flow! This invigorating yoga practice will strengthen and tone while bringing balance to both mind and body. This Intermediate yoga sequence is perfect for those looking to grow and deepen their practice. Get a strong but mindful workout if that is what you seek! This practice will trim and tone. Explore presence, practice self-love and move with intention toward your edge as we synchronize movement with breath and the breath with movement. Namaste.

Let me know how it goes down below!

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  1. Thank you so much, Adriene. Truly and honestly.

    I'm going on a boat trip soon (where swimming will be involved) and I'm a bit nervous about it. I haven't entered a body of water in over 10 years because of.. well, various reasons — one of them being that I have long felt very uncomfortable at the idea of stripping down to a swimsuit and showing my body to people.

    But after doing yoga and following along with your videos, I actually feel so much better about my body. Objectively speaking, I don't look that much different to how I used to. But I just… feel differently about myself. This might sound weird, but yoga has helped me really get acquainted with my body. I can't believe I was walking around for so long and I never really even looked properly at myself, I never touched myself (heyo) or moved myself in the way yoga encourages us to do. Even just the simple act of opening up my chest and taking a deep breath in was something new to me one year ago. And somehow it makes a world of difference. I'm human, we're all human, and it's beautiful!

    So even though I'm still a bit nervous about going on this trip, the fact that I'm going at all (and shopping for a swimsuit this week) is really a testament to what yoga can do. And I dunno, maybe I'm kind of looking forward to it. I used to love the ocean as a kid. I hope I can rediscover that "childlike joy", as you often encourage us to do!

    Thank you again Adriene. Much love! Namaste.

  2. Getting back into my yoga practice: This one showed me how wobbly I've become, and what a difference daily practice makes to maintaining good balance. Will stick with it and get back up to speed. Thanks, Adriene and crew!

  3. Wow! That practise had me shooketh to the core! It was quite fast so I definitely stumbled more than usual. But at the end, I felt so good! Like I passed another level. Woo! It was pure magic when I lifted my knee up from the one legged fold without falling! It felt so natural! Thank you, Adriene! I'm starting my day pumped. <3

  4. So I always imagined that Texas was landlocked but looked it up and there are lots of beaches so exercised mind and body today. I’d be interested to know where you filmed this if you see this post. X

  5. Everytime this practice came on, It throws me off balance but its okay I just did it slowly even if my mind is frantically wants to keep up. I just keep breathing and do what I can. #Explore

  6. Wow that was so fast – I double checked if i had the speed at 1.25x or something but no it was normal speed. If i would do it again I would definitely take it to 0.75x

  7. A little of exploratory crow pose for day 6 of October’s calendar! Good yogi squat but not so much crow 💁‍♀️


    Wow amazing view, love the different setting .
    I can never get enough from meditating at the sight of the waves gently washing through the beach. The sun, the smell of the beach. The sand. Lovely!



  9. I held the crow pose for the first time in my life! I felt so focuses during this practice! I'm so thankful to you Adrienne and you all practicing all around the globe, we're all connected 🙏

  10. Loved this practice, the quick pace really connected to me and helped me to focus better on my breath. I felt my mind didn’t have time to start drifting and I fully focused on my breath and being in the moment! This is a wonderful session. Thank you Adrienne x

  11. A bit quick, requiring me to pause and catch up a few times. But a great full body stretch and just challenging enough to warm me up! Thank you, Adriene, love your show!!

  12. Bring balance in every thing and your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it 😌✨ Thank you so much Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻💗