Ab Workout, Flat Abs Fast, Burn Belly Fat: Free Full Length 6-Minute Abs Workout!

Need a quick shot of abs work before a big event or after a cardio or strength workout? Try adding this routine on to your favorite session or do it on it’s own for a quickie waistline defining workout.

Level: All
Equipment: None
Intensity: Low to Moderate

5-Minute Abs
7-Minute Standing Abs
10-Minute Chair Abs

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. loved this workout did after kickboxing abs for a little more core work. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your website.

  2. I found you by typing in FALL CHALLENGE!!! My Mommy group and I are doing the FALL BACK INTO FITNESS 6 week challenge and LOVING it!!!! Thank you so much for these wonderful challenges and workouts. They are so doable for EVERYONE!!! Looking into your Healthy for the Holiday for our December challenge.

  3. January 14, 2016 245 pounds. Sedentary lifestyle. First exercise, Jessica rocks!! Beginers like me, arms and legs will be engage through out workout. Don't give up!!!

  4. This is my absolute favourite abs workout. I do it almost very day as an add on to cardio or strength. It's short but intense. Thank you!

  5. Ive been doing this one on and off as an add onto extra workouts and it still kills me! Best quick abs workout out there…Thanks

  6. Ok, Day 27 done… on my iphone again.  Hope to start the remaining 61 min. of workouts tomorrow, and to complete the challenge by Wednesday, Jan. 7!  Thanks for hanging in there with me, Jessica!  NJP

  7. Got this done today too.  I did this with cardio kickbox and lower body balance from your cross training video.  Also, I did your cardio quickie workout.  

  8. Day 27 of #quickfitholidaychallenge2014 along with Day 26 Total Body in Ten done first. Even though it was only 6 minutes, it felt longer. I found the cross over crunches (hands together) very hard on my neck as I have very bad neck and shoulder problems. I also had to modify the extended leg bicycles as it was very hard on my back. But I really felt my abs with this workout, Jessica! Thanks for this great quick shot of abs!

  9. Day 27 done. I've been sick, so I did this a day late (now that I'm starting to feel better).
    This is a great one–so challenging. 🙂

  10. Since I took my rest day yesterday, I completed Day 27 of the QuickFit holiday challenge today.  I did this workout after doing the 53-minute Fusion Sculpt Workout #1.  So my abs were pretty worked by the end of this workout!  I really enjoyed this quick ab workout, especially the twisty hip raise thingy!  They were very challenging, but fun!  Looking forward to the last week of this challenge!

  11. I did day 26 & 27 just now.  Another week done.  Felt these two workouts for sure.  Looking forward to tomorrow's workout!

  12. 25 minutes core cardio flow and then this abs workout (had to skip yesterday, catching up today)–my core is worked!  Day 27  done!

  13. Love this ab workout! Day 27 done. Took my rest day yesterday. Going onto 30 min cardio with your Walk On DVD. Have a great day.

  14. Day 27 done. This is one of my favorite ab routines I have tried so I was thrilled when I saw it for this week. I always feel the burn when I do this routine! Thanks Jessica!

  15. I have to be honest that this is about the only ab-video I have done that I really feel the burn..err pain 😉 so intensely. Haha oh well I want to get better at these ab workouts. I tend to slack off when it comes to ab videos but I did this twice and your calorie crushing cardio ;D 

  16. Awesome ouch! I have to confess I had to catch up again, ( thurs fri and sat) I had to do this a few times now…but I did it! a little time on the treadmill today to rid a little more guilt and Monday here we come!

  17. Day 27 done. Ouch! LOL Now on to the 14 Day Challenge. Thank you so much for putting these challenges together. As you said consistancy is so important and thanks to your challenges I am being consistent. So thank you for all that you do for us.

  18. Day 27 done! I did a the sunset walk yesterday. So today was a combo of this one, Total Body in 10, and I warmed up with your 10 Minute Power Walk. Great mash up!

  19. done 🙂 looking forward to next challenge. I really like that you say consistency is best, that is how I approach it now, and mix it up a bit too, would love some more kickboxing ones too.