6 Minute Abs Workout For Beginners (BODYWEIGHT ONLY!)

Guys… Are you tired of that stubborn belly fat. Do you want to get 6-pack abs? Well I am going to give you an abs workout that is quick and you can do from the comfort of your own home.

This is another one of my Ripped in 6 workouts. So stick around, this workout is great for beginners wanting to work their abs.

There are 4 exercises we are going to be doing. Each exercise will be 37 seconds each, with no rest between each exercise. We are going to do two rounds of these exercises, and do a finisher with the last minute of the exercise. Let’s get started with this ab workout.

Exercise #1… Reverse Crunches. You want to bring your knees to your chest. You want to do as many controlled reps as you can in the 37 seconds.

Exercise #2… Russian Twists. As a beginner, if you need to have your heels on the ground that is okay. As long as you are leaning back you will still be working your abs. If you are not a beginner, lift your heels off the ground when doing this exercise.

Exercise #3… Elbow Planks. Focus on keeping your elbows under your shoulders. Keep your back straight, and really flex your core.

Exercise #4… Heel Touches. Keep your mid to upper back up, this way your abs will stay contracted.

That is the first full round. Now we head into the second cycle of this 6 minute abs workout. If you need to get a quick breather that is okay, the goal is that you finish this whole workout.

Make sure to utilize good form for these exercises because the last thing you want is to injure yourself.

When we finish the second cycle, you will be at 5 minutes. After that, we are going to finish this workout with 1 minute of Flutter Kicks. Lay on your back, feet straight, and alternate lifting your legs in the air.

In this exercise, you want to keep your back flat on the ground. It is okay to put your hands behind your head when doing this exercise, just make sure you are not pulling up on your head.

This is meant for beginners, doing as many reps as you can utilizing strict form. I hope you liked this video with 6 minute abs!

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. Don't let the title fool you… 

    While this 6-minute abs workout is for beginners… 

    It's definitely not easy. 

    All you need is your bodyweight, that's it… 

    So you can do this right now in your living room if you want to and BOOM… you've had a great abs workout for the day.

  2. Just did this workout….I definitely can feel it. Thanks!! There are several timer apps, can you please inform us which one you use.

  3. The description asks "Do you want to get 6-pack abs?" but the video never tells us how. It gives a set of core strengthening exercises, implies spot fat reduction is possible, and is an advertisement for the Tabata app. If you want to have visible abdominal muscles, then lower your % body fat. The video has one throw away line about nutrition.

  4. Good work big brother how many times to do in a week?my belly was 40 inches now it's 39 is it possible to bring it to 36?

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